June 12, 2009

Randomness in my Life

This precious gift of LIFE turned 10 last week.  T-E-N.  I cannot believe I have had the privilege of being a mom for ten years.  God is so good.  She is such a blessing, in so many ways.  My heart bubbles with love for this beauty.

Speaking of beauties...

My beautiful mom and I attended our first home school conference in May.  It was so fun to get away together.  She waited so patiently while I browsed for hours.  She even attended some seminars for me so I wouldn't miss anything.  After taking a spill on the sidewalk, ripping a hole in her brand new, never-been-worn white capris, getting a giant booboo on her knee and cutting her head (which I believed she needed stitches for), she still wore a gorgeous smile and never complained.  What a trouper!  Oh, and by the way, the whole blood thing was handled without any passing out, thank-you-very-much!

While at the conference, I had a chance to finally meet one of my dear blogging buddies...
We had planned get together that day, but just prior to our meeting time, I ran into the bathroom to do a quick lipstick, hair check.  You know, meeting someone 'famous' for the first time can be a little intimidating.  Well, before I even made it to the mirror, there she was!  So, in true girlie fashion, we met for the first time in the ladies room!  So much for the primping I desperately needed.   And yes, Jen is just as adorable and fun in real life as she is on her fabulous blog!  

Speaking of fun, my manly man had some fun this week, too.  His softer, artsy-fartsy side came out again:
Yuhuh!  He did it again!  He wanted to make our daughter's birthday cake.  She loves all things beachy, so he made a flip flop cake.  Watch out Duff! (Ace of Cakes)  Oh and while we're at it, let me show you his cake from our 8 yr. old's birthday:
Any guesses what she likes?  Yes, horses and chocolate.   
If you know my husband IRL, I know you are probably shaking your head in wonder.  I know.  It's an oxymoron.  I'm still scratching my head, wondering where this cake baking gene fits in with his "if it's brown, it's down; if it flies, it dies" hunting mantra.  Love him!!!


Tracey said...

The picture of the 10 year old...GORGEOUS! (the mom shot at the conference is looking good too!) And, yep, shaking my head over here...and his mantra almost made coffee come out of my nose. :D

Happy Weekend...

Sandy Toes said...

How fun to meet your bloggy friend!
What cute cakes and a sweet little girl!
sandy toe

emily said...

So FUN! I popped over here from your comment on my blog and saw a picture of my sweet friend, Jen! Awesome you guys met. I love it! And that photo of your big girl 10-year-old is fantastic.

Marie said...

So glad you had the chance to experience a home school conference! What did you think? I'm so glad your sweet Mama was okay! And I'm so jealous you got to meet Jen in real life.


mom said...

That first picture is one of my all-time favorites! Got to get a copy of that one!

Lynn said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, so I just wanted to say hi. Love these cakes! Your husband is quite the cake baker. And you and your mom are just the cutest :)