June 17, 2013

June Highlights

How could I only have two posts in the month of June?  Where has the time gone??  We finished up school and then I started several free-lance jobs that have kept me busy.  Crazy, happy, busy.   Throw in a few days at the pool and June is half over.

1. It has rained enough to make a duck happy.  In NC it is hard to find a good summer shower that isn't  accompanied with thunder and lightning.  Last week we had a deluge and I got mom of the week award when I announced it was time to go play outside in the rain.    Moms, next time it's raining, surprise your kids with this free gift.

2. I discovered that I have a problem with culinary balance.  It was past time for a grocery visit and my kids were in the fetal position due to snack deficiency.  We didn't have a loaf of bread or a cup of milk, but we did have 7 varieties of pickles and 12 varieties of cheeses.  Can't kids live off of cheese and pickles?  What's wrong with you people??

 3. I have been looking for a double walled cup with a lid to take to the pool, but I didn't want to spend $19 on a Tervis tumbler.  Looky what I found at Walmart:

It's even dishwasher safe!

4. It's time for foster puppies again!  This is one of the sweetest, cutest batch we've had yet.  
They make my girl very happy!

5. Last week a dear friend from college days stopped by with her boys.  It had been 16 years since we last hugged each other's neck but we picked up right where we left off.  A nasty storm hit as she was ready to leave so we turned it into a slumber party.  What a blessing life-long friendships are!
 We didn't even plan our outfits!

6. Our favorite baseball team has made it to the college World Series.  
I showed my full support by introducing my kids to the real reason I go to sporting events:

7. We decided to try the food truck rodeo.  It smells infinitely better than a real rodeo.
 Unfortunately half of the population of NC decided to join us.  The lines were insane.

8. One of the hardest parts of leaving our old house was my hydrangea bush.  If I could have dug it up and hauled it to the rental house I would have.  So instead, we planted three when we moved to the farm and I am already enjoying the first blooms.

9. Father's Day was celebrated a little differently this year.  One of our girls is sick, so I stayed home with her.  Before my handsome boys left for church I snapped a picture.  Bow ties make me as happy as hydrangeas.  Is that a southern thing?
 I celebrated my dad this morning with a kayaking date.  I had to type this today because I won't be able to move my arms tomorrow.


Joy for the Seasons said...

Love love love the hydrangeas. One day I will have my own!

Tracey said...

What is it with the jars of pickles? We never eat pickles...when did I actually buy these things?

Hydrangeas are my favorite.

And yes, bow ties are definitely a southern thing...and very much in style!


KR said...

LOVE. THE. JAR. Love, love, LOVE. I will brave Wally World for one of those.

KR said...

Got so excited about the jar that I forgot the rest of what I was going to say. Ahem....we love to play in the rain like that! It does score high on the cool mom scale. I call it Homeschool P.E. I also thought, due to the post's title, that we were going to see some new hair. :)

Chelsea said...

Oh hydrangeas...I love thee. I only have one in my yard but I already have about 25 more bare spots I intend to fill with beautiful blossoms one day!