June 28, 2013

My Week: I've OWNED it!

When us Southern girls us the word "ya'll" as a complete sentence it means that the following sentence or thought is significant. 
Ya'll.  This has been the best week.  Seriously, the best.  Do you remember when I was all wadded up in the corner over the fact that my girls didn't want me to come to youth camp?  Well, I'm totally over it.  Sure, I've missed them.  A little tiny bit, but not much.  Don't judge.  We all need a break.  I decided that I would make the most of this week and
I declared it and the rest of the world listened.  Okay, only my hubby and son knew about it, but they are my world.

I had a date day with my sweet boy on Monday.  Within hours of kissing my girls goodbye my boy and I settled in nicely with the only-child-thing.
 I love that he loves milk in a coffee cup.  My husband totally rolled his eyes at this photo.  Starbucks and Old Navy.  Happy campers.  Err, I mean non-camp-ers.

I scored mom points when I suggested McD's for lunch.  We never eat McD's so this was a special treat.  I couldn't bring myself to eat it, but I sure had fun watching him devour enjoy chicken parts and preservatives.
 My dear sweet friend called and offered for my son to have a sleepover.  I thought about it for approximately .385 seconds.  With an offer like that, I feel the need to send her flowers and rub her feet.  But then, that would be a little awkward because she's ticklish.

  A few weeks ago I had purchased a Groupon for our favorite Italian restaurant.  Little did I know that it would come in handy so soon!  DATE NIGHT!!!!

We even ended the evening with drinks:
 Campfire Mocha from Caribou is the best!!!  Except for when you drink it at 7:24pm and it's not decaf.   Oh well, it's staycation, so I can sleep in, right?  Since my girls (namely the animal caretaker) are out of town, puppy poop duty fell on me.  So the term sleeping in is relative.

I have had some much needed work-alone-in-the-house time this week.  I caught up on some projects that just never seem to get done in the school year.  My mom let me borrow her fantastic sewing machine and so far I've made 7 pillows and a pair of curtains.

Mid-week, my mom and I had a much needed date-day.  We shopped and lunched and laughed.  We put miles on the car and had a coffee refuel.  We even went to the mall.  It was a little different than when I played bodyguard for my daughter and her friend.  We shopped so long, that we called the boys to let them know that they needed to scrape the bottom of the peanut butter jar and call it dinner, because we were sitting down to California Pizza Kitchen.  Oh the shame.  My sweet dad spent the day with my only-child-boy doing boy stuff that included golf and swimming.  

Another dear friend offered my son a playdate yesterday.  Oh the joys of being an only child!  Actually, he admitted that he is missing his sisters.  From there he went to my in-laws for another sleepover.  Wow, his social life should be published in Towne and Country!  After dropping him off, I met a bestie for a girls night out.  When I have the opportunity for a GNO, I like to try new restaurants that my man wouldn't like.  Do you do that?  I knew we had hit the jackpot when I read words like quinoa and falafel on the menu.  You had me at Baklava.

My week is quickly coming to a close.  Tomorrow we pick up the girls from camp, but until then I am enjoying a quiet house, listening to my choice of music in the car, and spoiling our only child.


Sarah said...

You and I are in such different stages of life, so I love sort of getting a glimpse of what is to come from reading your words. I just completed my first full week of VBS with a bunch of 5 year olds so that I could spend the week with my 5 year old. I loved watching her out of the corner of my eye and seeing my twin 2 year olds get into the singing and dancing as well. I was just thinking that it is sad to think that one she probably won't want me around. But you are making this season of life seem really awesome...eating dinner out alone with my husband?!?! Yes please!!!

Tracey said...

You go girl. Nothing wrong with taking a break from 'teen girl' land and enjoying it! I'm thinkin' M will have to go through a little detox next week...being the only kid in town can get very addicting! ;)

Kellie said...

LOVE it. Nothing wrong with finding YOU again. Sometimes we get so caught up in others we don't know who exactly we are anymore. Love that you have had this time this week. :)

Sandy said...

Glad both of you had a great week! Ad thankful to have been part of it!

Joy for the Seasons said...

My two oldest spent Mon-Wed with family friends, and I felt so wrong for enjoying it and not missing them too much. And you know how much I love me girls and love being with them! Glad it's not just me. ;)

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I came by from Richella's place to see your blog and so glad I did. What a delight to read about you and your family; I am a nana but homeschooled my two daughters in jr.high and high school. Now my girls both homeschool; one has a small ranch and her six kids love it. Loved reading about your time alone with your boy. Love the puppy and I'm hoping there is more info on him. I can't wait to get to know you and have just started following you.
Hugs, Noreen

Carol said...

My initial intention was to just pop over from Richella's "Imparting Grace" to congratulate you on winning the lovely Blue Ball Jars, but then I got so caught up in your blog that I have most definitely over-stayed my welcome. Sometimes, even when situations and family life is so very different from your own, you just feel such a draw or connection (or at least I do). That's exactly what has happened with me regarding your blog, Gretchen. I've hopped around your blog (sorry I didn't leave a comment at each one), and so thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Your new home is beautiful, both the structure and the surroundings; and it is so obvious that it is filled both inside and out with fun, joy and lots of love. I truly appreciate that you blog about real life, and I'm your newest follower!

Oh, congratulations on your win!


Kay Harms said...

Sounds like you used your week well! So glad you were blessed. Tomorrow I move me, myself, and I across town to a friend's empty house for a little writer's retreat. My 19-year-old daughter keeps trying to make me feel guilty, but I need this. I'm not trying to escape from her or my husband. But I need to get away from the distraction of the dogs, the unfolded laundry, the stuff accumulating on the counter tops, etc. so I can think clearly. Plus, I'm hoping just a change of scenery will do me wonders (not to mention the pool!).

Linda said...

You are a hoot! I so enjoy you and your sense of humor! I am also happy that you had a nice week, and had some special time with your son, then your friends...and the hubby, as well as your mom! And that you even found time to sew some pretty things was an extra bonus!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits