July 13, 2013

I've Decided I Love July

 I used to dread July and her evil twin August.  The jury is still out on August, but July has won my heart.  Maybe because she is nestled in between the craziness of the beginning of summer (June) and gearing back up (August).

Maybe it's because she dons herself in stars, stripes and sparklers.

Maybe because she brings forth the colors of her Creator

And wraps herself up in family gatherings.
 She woos me with her vine ripened delights and hot summer nights.

She gives us reason to celebrate

 Yes, July has won me over with her s'mores, fireflies, afternoon thunderstorms, and long lasting twilights.
 I am smitten.


Sandy said...

I love all your pictures that adorn your comments! And I NEVER thought I'd hear you say that you love one of the summer months...! Love to you, my super creative daughter.

Sarah said...

I am really enjoying July this year too...but, August...still dreading.

Linda said...

Yes...there are many things to appreciate about July! I loved your post and your colorful pictures, showing life in July! :)

We have many family birthdays in July, and a couple of special anniversaries. Add that to the Fourth of July and the blessings of living in America...and I would say it is very good indeed!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I think I just about love every season the best! We have had the most marvelous weather this July, it has been unbelievable. And I think I'm turning into a Lol (little old lady) because when it rains in July I get waaaaaayyy tooo excited. ;)

Carol said...

Oh, how wonderful that all sounds and your pics are just beautiful! Not too smitten with July here in AZ, actually can't wait for July, August & most of September to be over, then we can do all those outside things again.....sigh!

Kellie said...

I enjoyed your pictures as I have spent most of July in front of a computer screen for school. haha!! :) So glad you are "warming up" to some of the summer months.