July 29, 2013

Q and A Day

1. Where have you been?  Yes, summer has taken a toll on my blog, but it's all good stuff.  When school fizzled out finished, my life got crazy. Aside from a glorious week at the beach, spending time with my kids as their mom (not the teacher), and squeezing pool visits between rain showers, I picked up 2 free lance writing jobs and started my own business.  

2. Say what? Yeah.  It's been crazy good and I've learned a lot about myself.  I started writing curriculum for a company published by Navpress.  It has proven to be different than I imagined; more like lesson planning than the "meaty" writing I expected, but it has been good experience in the "real" world.  It has stretched me in ways I needed to be stretched.  It has consumed many hours and brain cells but it has helped the family budget and given me opportunity to grow.  I've also been writing for a real estate agency.  Again, different than I expected but it keeps my fingers in the stuff I love.  Eventually I will meet with clients and help them stage their homes for the market.  That's the fun stuff!

3.  What's your new business?  It's really my dream job.  The official job description is "Interior Design Consultant."  I help people create a space they love.  I often help make flooring/paint/fabric/color decisions.  My clients have been the best!  The Lord has uniquely placed each one in my life at just the right moment.  It has been a huge blessing to see the variety of tastes, budgets and personalities. 

4. How did this come about?  A few years ago I started helping friends make interior design decisions.  Most of it was pure pleasure, however, a couple of times my generosity of time got taken advantage of and my feelings got hurt.  My sweet protector husband suggested that I start charging for my help.  The hardest part of the process was convincing myself that my talents were worthy enough to actually advertise.  The Lord placed a few unexpected people in my path who encouraged me to go for it.  Last spring, when my part-time nanny job fell through, I knew it was time to take the plunge.  The response from clients has been overwhelming!  

5. What about homeschooling?  God is a wonderful, creative God.  I never imagined that I could have a part time business and homeschool.  With this business I get to set my hours and keep my focus on my kids.  Growing up, my mom didn't work outside the home and none of our friends' moms did either.  At one point, actually I believed working outside the home was a sin.  Funny, our perceptions as kids.  I've since learned that it is NOT a sin.  I've realized that the important thing is to follow God's leading.   My most important job is my family.  As long as I keep that perspective, I know my priorities are in check.  Prayer.  Lots of prayer.

6. Will you homeschool all three kids this year?  No.  Our lives are getting ready to take a giant turn in the road.  Our eldest daughter will attend public high school in August.  

7. Did you say public school?  Yes, yes I did.  It will mean a huge change for our family, namely the traditional school calendar and the early mornings (not a morning person).  But we all have a peace about it.  She is super excited.  I vacillate between happy and throwing up in my mouth.  Too dramatic?  It's reality.

8. Why did you decide to send her to traditional school?  When we started the homeschool journey four years ago, we said one year at a time... and probably not high school.  I learned to not say "never" back when I said I'd never homeschool.  For now, we believe this is the right course of action for our family.  There are a myriad of reasons, including 
a.) she is ready and excited b.) I don't feel qualified/disciplined enough to take her through high school curriculum c.) we cannot afford private school, so the Lord pretty much made that part of the decision for us d.) we have prayed over this decision e.) we have prayed some more

9. Are you nervous?  Me?  Yes.  Her?  No, other than the typical first day jitters.  I have the typical mom-fears that I have to lay at the feet of Jesus on a daily basis.  Did I prepare her?  Will she be ruined?  Did I already ruin her?  Am I feeding a lamb to the wolves?  Is she ready?  Am I ready?  How can she be old enough for high school?!  

10. Are you planning on blogging about farm life anymore?  Yes I am!  We have been at the farm for 10 months and I feel that I am still settling in.  I'm ready to show you some  finished spaces in our home as well as some fun things that keep us busy.  Thank you for hanging out with me.  I've missed you!


Richella Parham said...

So glad to see you back in this space!! Congratulations on the new jobs--how kind of God to provide these opportunities! :)

ashley said...

So excited for you and your new business! I love that you are able to get paid to do something you love. I believe that's a rare luxury that a lot of people don't get! Congrats!!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Wow! So many fun changes. You can count on prayers from me as you navigate these new waters.

If there is one thing I have found, it is that our greatest blessing and treasure is found in taking our position and standing where He has asked us to stand-even when it feels scary and looks like a High Schooler in public school!

Can't wait to see how He provides for your family! And am excited to hear more about your new job!

{edie} said...

So happy for you and all that's going on in your life right now! It all sounds dreamy!! Praying for your family, through the changes and seasons!
Much love,

Kellie said...

So excited for all the Lord has in store for you. :) I have been behind in my blogging, too, but it's OK. I have learned that living has to take precedence over writing sometimes. haha!! Would love to SEE you soon. :)

Gwen said...

I had a question about homeschooling. I wanted to get some ideas from you about social activities you did with your kids durin the week. We are at the beginnings of schooling. My kids ages are 6, 5,4, and 1. Of course only my 6, and 5yr old are school age.

Tracey said...

Excited about all of your awesome news!
(She'll do GREAT in high school!)

Sandy said...

It is an exciting time of change & so neat to see the doors God has opened for you! "Our" sweet girl will have her eyes opened in many ways, but you have prepared her for that & she will shine.
We are always on stand by...with lots of love!

LLMom said...

I just found your blog. Transitioning from homeschooling to school can be difficult. Thanks for reassuring words. There isn't much support out there for this choice. I am currently transitioning most of my kids to school after homeschooling for 18 years.