February 21, 2008

Been There, Done That

My three children have a very sweet relationship. One of my favorite sounds is listening to them play in their imaginary world together. There is the typical, I-need-my-own-space times, but they really play great together.
Usually. The other day we were in the car on the way home from school. The kids were planning their afternoon when I overheard this conversation:
7 yr. old girl: We could play house and you could be my little boy.

4yr. old boy: Nah, I don't want to do that.

6yr. old girl: Oh! I know! We could pretend you are my husband!

4yr. old boy: Ugh! I don't want to live with you when I grow up. I already did that!

6yr. old girl: No, I mean we could play that now.

4 yr. old boy: I already live with you. That's no fun. Let's just play pirates.

Yesterday my daughter (same as above) went on a field trip to see a "Cinderella" play. She was very excited because it was ON her birthday. On the way to school she said, "Mom, I don't think the boys are very excited about the play." Inwardly I was thinking the same thing, but I had to think fast. I quickly replied, "Well, Honey, you're probably right, but it will help them be good husbands one day. They will learn to like stuff like this and take their wives to plays and other cultural events."
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the performance (little does she realize that we will be enjoying the company of the REAL Cinderella in Disney World in about 3 weeks!) Watching her watch the princess was enough for me. I loved the fact that she was having fun. Who cared if I was bored. I had my own princess to watch.
As I endured the 2nd rate play and tried to stay awake, I was thinking about our conversation. How many times had my husband, dad, brother and any other caring man sat through a painful performance for the sake of love? Thanks, Honey, for all the times you sat through something, just to watch your own princess enjoy herself.

Drive daughter -on her birthday- to Cinderella field trip. ... CHECK!

One day, when she is a mom, she will truly appreciate the sacrifice. Until then, she can just be a princess, blissfully unaware.


Kellie said...

I took Mikayla to a performance of Cinderella a little over a year ago. It was performed around Christmas. I was glad to be able to take her and make her "dream come true" but truly hated the play. lol The joy of knowing she was happy is what made me happy.

Too funny about your son's comments. Wesley has been known to do some of that, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your email reminded me of your blogspot- I've been missing out! This just cracked me up, because I can totally see 'said 4-year old' having this conversation with your girls. Next time he needs to 'just play pirates', you just send him our way! :)