February 25, 2008

Girly Party

This is what it's all about. We celebrated 7 wonderful years this week. Our middle daughter. Miss Girlie Girl. Since the time she was old enough to talk , the question for any situation has been"what will I wear?" This year we were awash in pink and lavender for her birthday. She invited 8 friends for a tea party to share with their American girl dolls. As you can see, they came very well dressed!
Each of the girls made pretend party food (cakes, ice cream, teacups etc) with clay that we baked. They then made a summer foam visor and a winter poncho for their dolls. We had miniture gift bags with each of the doll's names.
The girls then enjoyed a little tea party complete with etiquette lessons from "Felicity." They even got to use Mimi's real china cups! After games and presents, they had a ball playing together with their dolls. It's not too often that 9 little girls get to play dolls together! Lots of giggles and squeals!

Happy Birthday, dear one! You are our little star that shines so bright to everyone around you. You are our princess, fashionista, peacemaker, song bird, giggle-girl, animal lover, snuggle bunny. You are priceless, unique, beautiful (inside and out), funny, caring, tender and wonderful. We never dreamed that we would have such a girlie girl. You bless us everyday.
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Kellie said...

Aww....how neat! Happy Birthday to her! That party sounds like something Mikayla would love. She has a zillion American Girl dolls. lol

DJ said...

Enjoyed your blog. I was on the Living Proof blog and decided to visit yours. You are my hero for admiting to the world that you are a fanilow! You go girl!

Crock Pot Mom said...

What a beautiful birthday! One of mine turns seven tomorrow; we are doing a movie theme this year; though she plays with her American Girl doll with her friends and big sis often; she sneaks it out to school more often than I realize.

Bless you for your genuine heart of love for our Lord and for your family. I am blessed to visit and read your thoughts. (found you via living proof blog). May God continue to be your greatest treasure.