March 2, 2008

Tooth Fairy Gets A Star

She did it! She actually made it! The Tooth Fairy delivered on time last night! She seems to have a problem at our house. I keep meaning to speak to her road manager about this.

She has never, ever, in the 12 previous appointments at our house showed up on time. We finally decided that our house is the last on her delivery route. In fact one night our daughter said she woke up at 5:00am and the tooth was still there, but then when she checked at 6:45 the tooth had been replaced by money. "I thought she came in the night" she said. "Well, was it still dark when she came?" I replied. "Umhm ... oh, yeah, we are the last house before it gets light outside, cool!" Whew! Dodged that one.

We are starting to figure out that this tooth fairy is kinda picky:

One of her little quirks is HOW the tooth is placed. Apparently our idea of taping the tiny tooth to a piece of paper doesn't work because... maybe, it is too heavy? She didn't take the tooth that night. So we tried leaving the microscopic tooth by itself, and after MUCH rooting around, TF found it. We have also tried putting it in a plastic bag so it is easier for said TF to find it. Didn't work that night either. Wow, she's picky!

Another one of her quirks is WHERE the tooth is placed. One time the girls were having a "sleep together" night. The next morning, we discovered the TF needs it to be placed under your own pillow ... in your own bed. Testy, testy!

She can be a little sneaky too. One morning our daughter woke up to find that TF had taken the tooth, but didn't leave any money. Said daughter came into our room in tears. My husband comforted her as Mrs. TF dashed down the back stairs and searched in vain for a few quarters. When she returned, the whole family was in my daughter's room. I told my daughter to check in the bathroom near her toothbrush. Sneaky little TF put the $ under her pillow with all five of us in the room. Wow! She's good.

Worst of all, she is a VERY busy lady. She missed our house 3 nights in a row. On the fourth morning, she left the cutest little note (in TINY handwriting) apologizing for her lateness. She had been so busy with so many children losing their teeth, that she was finally catching up.
Well, at least she has manners!

Last night Mr. and Mrs TF were watching tv, when a commercial with a tooth fairy bag appeared. They looked at each other and laughed; what good timing! Mrs. TF jumped out of bed and made her rounds.
Way to go, Girl! You did it! I am so proud of you! No excuses! No late fees (yeah, we've paid those, especially on the 3-day-late one!) I don't know why you took the tooth ... especially since it was in a plastic bag.
You're really getting soft. Just sayin.


Kellie said...

HAHAHA....good one. :) Our TF has been known to sneak in some money "right in front of 'em" as well. It is hard to remember ALL of those kids!!! lol :)

Laura said...

Thank you so much for praying for me! I truly appreciate it! The talk went pretty good considering the weather was bad and it was hard to want to leave the house! I LOVE your TF story! That was too good! And yes, that was Mimi's!

Sarah Markley said...

All you gals in the South say, "Just sayin'."

I'm just sayin'. =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see your girls like horses and AG dolls. Us should see my 6 year old's room - awash in horses and doll clothes. I love the AG tea for your daughter's bday. It looked really fun. =)

Sarah Markley said...

Oh, one more thing...I'm a fanilow too. I saw him a couple years ago here in Orange County and it was pretty darn amazing. I think he plays Vegas now (not a fan of Vegas) but we haven't gone to see him there yet.

Denise said...

what fun to get a comment (and compliment) from you over at my blog.
i have actually been checking you out too.
Your AG party looked fun. we look forward to our own AG party in the future.
and oh the TF stories i could tell (for instance the TF charges an extraction fee for swallowed teeth, maybe that was -t.m.i.), but a late fee, well, i'm sure i owe those- we just tell the kids she was on vacation or had a day off.

Mocha with Linda said...

Soo funny! Our TF also left it by the toothbrush (while they were eating breakfast) a time or too!

Your recipe looks great.

And I love your survivor series post! Too funny!