March 23, 2008

Yes, It's Magical!!!

My previous blog was quite appropriate as I was in the midst of packing my family for vacation. I know it's been quiet for awhile but I've had a good reason:
We just returned from a week in Florida. Six days of Disney World and our senses are on overload. Blissful overload.
What a memory we made! We visited Magic Kingdom (3x), Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Today I was asked what the "best part" was. The rides? The food? The characters? Mickey ears ice cream? Cinderella's castle? The shows? It's a Small World?
Yes it was all magical, but the BEST part was watching my parents watch my kids. I loved seeing the love that I have for my own children reflected on my parents' faces. It was a perfect week. The kids are still at that magical age where it is FUN; they aren't yet thinking they are too old for the kiddie rides or too cool to hold hands with mom. I soaked it all in, knowing that when we do return (in several years) that it will be at a much different stage in their lives. As they are getting older, I am learning to savor each moment a little longer.

I was so proud of my kids. How they had the stamina to go non-stop for 6 days is beyond me. I bet we walked 5 miles each day! And my dear hubby. He did great. I know I haven't blogged about his leg surgery (we'll save that for another day), but lets just say that it is nothing short of a miracle that he could walk, without complaint, for that many miles.

Here are my top 10 for the week:
10. My mom getting to see parades and fireworks (her absolute favorites!)
9. Dole pinapple floats
8. Getting the Princesses' autographs (this is the last year for that to be a priority for my girls, I am sure)
7. My husband talking our 4yr old to go down Splash Mountain (he was the only one who didn't know how wet your pants actually get)
6. The house we stayed in: our own pool, clean sheets, our own toilet and quiet neighbors
5. Tower of Terror (a great thrill ride!)
4. Getting goose bumps each time we walked into a theme park while they played the music
3. Holding hands with my kids for a whole week.
2. Spending uninterrupted time together as a family
1. Watching my parents enjoy their grandkids

As I sit here listening to my 12th load of laundry purr, I am tired and refreshed all in one ... Is that possible? Maybe it's ... magical!
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Kellie said...

Oh wow!! How fun that y'all were able to go to Disney. We hope to be able to take the kids there some day. :) I haven't been in over 25 years. lol I know A LOT has changed!

Isn't it wonderful to watch your parents as they interact with your children? It is amazing. Cherish all moments of life... they go by too quickly.

Glad to see you "back." :)

Sarah Markley said...

This sounds like so much fun! We've always wanted to go to Disneyworld. Please know that we live 10 minutes from DisneyLAND. My daughter still wants to go to Orlando. And...she asks me if we can move closer to Disneyland. I don't understand how close she wants us to live...we can see fireworks from our house in the summer. Anyways, it sounds like you all had so much fun!