March 31, 2008


This is a phrase that I have on my girls' bathroom mirror.
It is a perfect phrase for them. Watching them interact with each other is so fun. They are 21 months apart in age and while that isn't what we had originally planned, it has been the best!

They were tracked out of school for 2 weeks and enjoyed every moment of it together. Today, as they headed back to school, they were both excited and sad. Exctied to see their new friends. Sad to be apart (and face homework).

Even though the girls have their moments (and these are the times I think the males in the family want to run and hide) they truly love each other and love being together. I am praying that this will last into their adulthood. One of my friends has a beautiful relationship with her sister. They talk everyday on the phone (even though they live 3 states apart). They engage in one another's lives. They laugh and share moments of their day. They have not allowed time or geography to distance them. On the other hand, I know grown sisters that live in the same town and rarely talk and enjoy each other. Too much baggage; too much jealousy; too little time.

I pray that my girls will grow to sharpen each other, encourage each other, support each other and ENJOY each other as the years go by. Oh yeah, and I sure hope they include their mama too!
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