February 10, 2008

A Change of Scenery

A picture similar to this one showed up in the "Life" section of our local newspaper. It was simple, timeless, serene. The picture was taken of a barn on my husband's family property. The article was featuring barns of our county. Ones that we drive right past as we hurry from one place to another without giving them a second glance. Barns that hold the history of our area that is ever-growing. As a lover of all things historical, I was surprised that the thought had never occurred to me to capture my husband's heritage on film.
Last weekend, my manly-man and I took the kids for a family day out on his parent's land. Land that is drenched in history. History right from his own bloodline. I was ashamed that it has taken me 14 years to photograph these historical markers.
As we enjoyed a day of riding the 4wheeler, hiking, and shooting skeet (who knew a city girl would love a man enough to learn to throw skeet and shoot targets!) I snapped a few photos of the old barns and buildings that surround his grandparent's home. This photo (above) was my favorite. I loved the shadows and the stillness it seemed to depict. Although this picture looks quiet and still, little does the random viewer know that there is a 6 lane highway on the other side of the ridge. The sound of traffic is almost deafening at times. My father-in-law remembers when the road stopped at their driveway. It was the last house on the left of that little dirt lane. Talk about a change of scenery! As I think about all the changes these barns have seen over the years it makes me a little sad. Thankfully, these barns have held their ground among the bulldozers, tractors, and plow horses. They have seen their share of good times and bad. They have witnessed 4 generations grow and love and live. I think I want to be like those barns. I want to stand my ground through the changes life brings. I want to see future generations of our family grow and love and live. I want to to be solid, serene, quiet, a refuge from the elements, a room full of stories. I may need some repairs and I know eventually I'll be a little weathered. But isn't that what gives an old barn character?
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Kellie said...

I love that picture!!! How beautiful and serene. You are right.. those barns have definitely seen some changes.

It is my desire to go around and photograph old barns. I see so many on my way around but never stop because I am always hurrying to get to the next place. This summer, I plan to do just that when I have time from school. Maybe I'll even shoot for spring break! ha!!

Loved your words today...