December 7, 2009

Easy Gift in 5 Simple Steps

I'm no seamstress. I can sew a straight line (sort of). I've even made window treatments for cash in the past, but sewing scares me. If I need a pair of pants hemmed (which is every single pair I purchase) I call my mom or get it done by the tailor. So when my daughter looked at me with puppy eyes and begged for a matching outfit for her and her beloved "Molly" I shook in my boots, er, slippers.
Fleece and felt are at the top of my list of things I am thankful for. They do not ravel. They do not require seams. They are warm an soft and, and, EASY.
Doesn't Molly look so happy and warm?
If you are looking for a unique gift idea for a girl of any age, you can do this.
1.Simply have your girl stand with her arms straight out (like she's flying like an airplane) and measure from wrist to wrist across her back.
2. Cut a square from fleece in that measurement. (My daughter's was 41", I think).
3. Fold in 4ths and using a marker on a string, swing the marker like a pendulum from the corner to form a rounded edge. Cut on the marker line, while still folded in 4ths. It will look like a triangle with one rounded side. Unfold and it should be a perfect circle. (You may want to practice on a square piece of paper first) I apologize for no pictures of the process. I was in a frenzy trying to get these done before Sunday.
OR if you just want a square, that is cute too. Simply turn on the shoulders so that the points are at the wrists.
4. Cut a hole for the neck. This is the only tricky part. You want it big enough to fit over her head, but small enough to not fall off her shoulders. Just remember, if you cut it too small, you can always cut more. If you cut it too big, it's too late.
5. Embellish. For the brown poncho, I added the pom-pom fringe and a flower. (The scarf is an even easier project... cutting only). But it can be as simple as the one below:

Three buttons and a flower. You could hot glue the buttons if you have needlephobia. ;)
The flowers are made from felt. You could use fleece, but felt is thinner and easier to work with.

Momma couldn't be left out, so I made myself a felt flower.
Yes, I think I need one in every color.

You can do it! Have any questions? Just ask in the comments.

*I'm joining Kimba's DIY party today, so hop on over and check out some other fantastic ideas


Joy for the Seasons said...

I know you said simple and easy, and I want to believe I could do it...but if I ever find the need I am just gonna pay YOU to do it! :) It was all very beautiful. You are clearly a talented lady.

Suz said...

Now that is adorable!!!! I want a poncho like that. Love the flower accessory.
Happy Birthday one day early. I hope your day is as special as you are!

Sandy said...

Beautiful! You saved the day!!

Handmade Housewife... said...

Adorable!! I love the color combo. I know your daughter, and her doll, love them :)

Gretchen said...

I'll have to pass this year on the DIY. The only thing I've made in the last 24 hours is a pregnancy "belly" for a friend of mine in the play. Let's just say, I'm happy her clothing goes over it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I think I was following okay until the swinging marker pendulum. I have several friends whose daughters are American Girl fans and I"m going to send them here to see this. I'm thinking this could save many dollars because from what I'm understanding the American Girl store outfits in the catalog are Prada designs judging by the price tag.

lindyb said...

My daughter would love one of these, but you can't was felt, can you? She's a messy girl :)

Terri said...

I really like the flower, it might be just what I need to add alittle zing to a pillow I made for my daughter. Thanks!

Holly said...

Impressive. Really cute and clever idea. I love the flower too!

Holly @ 504 Main

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What a FUN blog! I hopped over to your recent modge podge flower post and got swept up in all your beautiful words and pics! Am pinning this for my own dear daughter. THANKS for all you share here!