December 30, 2009

The Road Shared

Even though this has been a joyous, peaceful time of year for our family, I am acutely aware that this can be a very difficult season for so many. After my encounter with the bitter woman (previous post), I became more aware of the pain that so many face.

My heart has been burdened for so many precious families going through the sting of death this year. New holidays bring fresh grief, a new hurdle to cross.

I've walked the painful pilgrimage with this precious family this year through my computer. Go HERE, you will be heartbroken, yet so blessed. Go now, and leave them a word of encouragement.

Another precious family faced what every mother fears the most just before Christmas. Their pain is fresh. Words are not enough.

Just last night I ran across this blog and could not walk away until I had read their entire story. I was up until 1:30 this morning devouring their unbelievable journey. You HAVE to read this blog.

I do not write about these families to bring you down. Rather, I pray that you will be touched, as I am (still processing these stories myself) by their remarkable FAITH. Not just in a churchy kind of way. No. But a real, day-by-day trusting, living, surviving faith.
These families have walked the common road of grief. The road that none of us want to walk, yet the same road that no one should walk alone. Oh the burden to bear, if not for the great Comforter. Their hope is eternal.

If you are experiencing the pain of grief, know that you are loved. Know that there is a person (me) here in blogland praying for you. I don't have the answers or the words to heal, but I know Someone who does. There is a Savior that is willing to bear your burden. His name is Jesus and He knows the sting of death more than any of us.


Carpool Queen said...

Surviving faith. I like that phrase. It's a faith that's been redefined and stripped of every pretention.

Joy for the Seasons said...

This time of year can be difficult for so many, especially because of hurt or bitterness over relationships in addition to loss of loved ones. Thanks for bringing these families to our attention. We have been able to see that kind of faith walked out through some families in our church, and that in turn has greatly increased our faith.

Amber said...

Well said. Very well said.

And what a great reminder.

I'm praying for all of the heartbroken alongside you.

Amy Kinser said...

I love knowing that there is Someone who loves me enough to help me through each and every situation. I, for one, cannot imagine going through anything without Him.

Thanks for sharing your heart and the Hope that we can all have through Jesus.

Suz said...

Thanks for sharing these stories of faith. Heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time.

Darlene said...

What a wonderful post. I shall go visit some of these bloggers.

Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!♥

Janet said...

For some reason this year I have become acutely aware that the holidays, for many, are a time of great stress and pain. It has been so good to look compassionately at others and get my focus off of myself. Life is hard for so many, but God is good.

Happy New Year Gretchen!

Sandy said...

I didn't see this post until today, & I read the entire blog by the Sullivan family...
Already knowing the other 2 scenarios along with 1 right here in our church family, this was indeed a reminder to pray fervently for those going through such loss. ONLY JESUS!
There just would be no other way to "get through" these things, yet with Him, these families are living in victory in spite of their losses.
Thanks for sharing this sweet blog my sweet girl!

kellination said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. Such amazing, heartbreaking stories, but very encouraging too.... Because of what Christ did for us we have hope.

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing all these posts! I stayed up late, too, reading, grieving for these people, and praying.
Makes me want to give my husband and daughter extra hugs and kisses tonight!
God bless you!