February 24, 2011

May I Suggest...

It's been a while since I've made any suggestions so I thought I'd spread the love...
 1. Miniature peppermint patties.  I know the Valentine ones are gone (which happen to be my favorite with their pretty pink hearts), but the mini's in a bag are still available in regular shape.  They are a good way for me to get my sugar fix without a ton of fat/calories.  Since they are so sweet, I only need one.  Or two.

2. I feel like I am eating at a girlie restaurant when I put this on my salad.  Add a little goat cheese, cranberries and walnuts and I am in my happy place.

3. Speaking of salad.  Have you tried the new Thai Chicken Chopped salad at Panera?  I need a napkin to wipe the drool from my keyboard just thinking about it.

4. Since my pumpkin spice and christmas tree flavors don't cut it for the month of March, I decided to pull out the candle my mom gave me at Christmas.  Yes, I realize it's not March yet, but work with me.  This Dune Grass is so fresh, but not overpowering.  Love it, mom!
5. There was a great debate at the NEM household during the holiday season regarding scented soaps.  I loved the Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body Works, but some members of my family hated it.  While I was smitten through January, by mid February I was ready for a change.  We all agree on Fresh Lime Basil for the kitchen.

6. Did you know that Bath and Body Works has their new spring/summer scents out? Happy colors, happy scents, new designs on the bottles.  This Citrus Crush Hand Sanitizer makes me happy!  You know I'm all about a good sanitizer.

Have you found something new lately?  Please share!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Twisted Peppermint is one of my favorites. I have 2 Wall-flowers that I'm ready to change because the holidays are so over, but it's still Pepperminty around here.

Sometimes my Mamaw likes to go to Luby's cafeteria for dinner and we love getting York peppermints when we check out!

The new thing our stores are carrying are Snyder's Pretzel Bits...Ranch flavor-they are so yummy to snack on while playing cards with a big glass of Dr.Pepper!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Okay...I'm laughing.

I JUST heard a radio ad for that salad at Panera and was thinking I must try it soon.

I love that lime basil soap a lot. I bought one last time they were on sale; wish I had bought more than one.

I'm addicted to a Drew's Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette with spinach, goat cheese, tomatoes, and pine nuts! Sounds similar to your salad too.

Great list!

Mom said...

1. We just finished the last package of those miniatures from Halloween last night (they were in the freezer...)
2. I'm ready for a new salad dressing!
3. No
4. I'm so glad you like your candle. I loved that fragrance because if was so fresh! I'm still burning the fresh balsam, but about ready for a spring change.
5. Another "flavor" I'll have to try.
6. We almost went in that store tonight, but had to hurry on to another destination... Got my coupons ready though.

Kellie said...

I can't say that I have tried something new lately, but I think I may need to try that salad at Panera!! :)

I'll have to check out the new scents at B&B Works.

Gretchen said...

I like the Carribean Escape hand soap from the B and B spring line. And I'm burning a Pink Sangria 3-wick from there, as well. Because spring and summer cannot arrive soon enough.