February 9, 2011


It's been a week.
It started last Thursday with my little man.
He crawled into my room at 4:30 in the morning on his hands and knees whispering "I can't breathe."   Pitiful.
We've been down this road before, so I knew what to do.   I love a good steam shower, but not so much at 4:30 in the morning.  We were up for the day, so we decided to head to the cesspool pediatrician's office to get some legal steroids.

Since my little man was still recovering, my main squeeze offered to stay home with him while I  took my girls to a concert on Saturday night.  It should have been a clue when my daughter kept saying, "I'm so tired."  Since I had to take out a second mortgage for the refreshments, we decided to share a drink.  Not my best  parental decision to date.  I finally realized that something might be up when she wanted to go home before her favorite group even hit the stage.  I felt her forehead and knew.
So I did what every self respecting mom would do.  We stayed until the end and rocked it out.

By Sunday afternoon, both girls had high fevers and I was waiting for mine to spike.

Monday morning the phone rang at 5:00, which is never good news.  It was my father in law asking my husband to go to the hospital to be with his mom.  Her own mother was dying and they had called the family in.  She had not been in good health, but it came as a surprise.

Moments after he left, my oldest daughter came in my room with a very scared look on her face.  "I can't breathe."  This time I was scared.  Her lungs sounded like wet wheezing.  The first thought that came to mind:
For the second time within 5 days we were back partying in the pediatrician's office germ fest.  The waiting room was full of very sick kids.

There were kids with throw up buckets, kids coughing, barking, sneezing, snorting.  This germaphobe chic wanted to curl up in the fetal position.
Anyways, my well educated guess was  right.  Pneumonia.

On Tuesday, my son decided to join the partay with a bloody nose.  (I don't do blood.  Period.) And my husband rounded off the day by throwing his back out at work.

Today we attended a very sweet memorial service, celebrating the life of a woman who kept her wedding vows for 64 years and decided it was time to go home to her eternal Groom.  My girls are still (very) sick, my husband is walking around like a cute old man, and my house is a disaster.

I am healthy.  Very tired, but healthy.
It's truly a miracle.

But, ya'll.
It's been a week!


Karen Bundy Barlow said...

Praying God will heal everyone quickly and that He will protect you from getting sick. You deserve a vacation!

Thoughts for the day said...

wow. I pray you get some solid sleep and your home will calm down. that is a lot of overload.

Amy said...

Bless your heart....what a week you've had! Our continued prayers are still with all of you. Get well soon!!! *Hugs*

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh girl, I am SO sorry. Sounds like things can only get better...and I certainly hope they do.

I'm sorry about your husband's grandmother.

I'm sorry you've had sick kids.

I'm sorry about your husband's back.

BUT SO GLAD you're still feeling okay.

Hang in there.

And hey, I really enjoyed your series on your JOURNEY. I don't think I commented but I loved it. I'll go back and do that when I have time. I've walked a similar road...and related to a lot of what you shared.

Mom said...

Bloody nose? Back thrown out? Well, at least w/blogs & FB I find out what's going on... LOL!

You have been amazing & God has certainly protected you! Even if you do get something now, they can take care of YOU.

Your house is not a disaster.. I was just there & saw it. It is a sick bay right now & will return to normal (whatever that is..., but your "normal" usually looks better than my "normal").

I about doubled over laughing just now... the "word verification" below is... farta!

Eleanor said...

Gretchen-You are not alone if that helps! Me (the very healthy one-seriously) started my week out last week with a terrible, unusual migraine which caused me to throw up (I dont do throw up!), then one by one 2 days apart, all 4 of us got strep throat. Finally 2 days of peace and I was back at the ENT yesterday with an adenoid infection. Good stuff! I love our doctors but don't care to see them anytime soon. Praying for your family during this rough patch!


Kimberly said...

I can't believe your broke our #1 germaphobe rule....Do Not Share Your Drink or Food!!! Praying from a far for you all for healing, peace and grace. XOXOXOXOXO

Bugs and Sunshine said...

You precious thing, You've been on my heart for prayer and now I know why.

Praying the God of Comfort carries you through these days of grief and that he gives you patience and an extra dose of compassion and love as you take care of your sick crew.

I'll pray for those babies, we've walked the pnemonia road several times with our boys. Hugs to you friend.

(p.s. when I had pnemonia questions after hours I'd call our Children's Hospital and a nurse would call me back. she'd listen to the boys breathing over the phone...just an idea if you ever need it)

AND LOL for rocking it to the end of the concert-LOVE THAT :)!

Kellie said...

You have definitely had a week!! Wow... hoping everything calms down now and that everyone gets to feeling better. So thankful YOU have been healthy!!

Kellie said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry! And I hope your kiddos are getting better.

And so sorry for the loss of your grandmother in law.


Jenn A said...

Whew! What a week!! I imagine that you are exhausted! Keep clinging to the One whose grace is sufficient. My mom always says to me, "This too shall pass...."

Samantha said...

you certainly deserve the Mom of the week award. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

WORD!! Girl, when it rains, it pours. I'm so so so sorry! How is everyone doing now?!?!