April 27, 2011

Hiding from the Camera

There's nothing like accountability for a good kick in the pants.  :)  I mentioned last week that I was going to make it a priority to take some pictures of just me and my man.  
On the way home from church, with my to-do list running a mile long, the last thing on my mind was a photo session.  I had 10 people to feed and a turkey to check on for Easter dinner.  Fortunately, my daughter said, "mom, we have to take some pictures of you and daddy."  So I grabbed the camera and headed to the yard for some shade and a couple of snaps by the kids.  We didn't even plan on matching our blues, it just worked out that way.  

A dear friend reminded me of the importance of capturing mom in the pictures of life because one day our kids are going to look back and not have any photo memories of us.  I'd much rather stay behind the lens.  It's safer (and more fun) back there.  If I'm real honest, when I look at pictures of myself, I become very critical (bad hair day, chubby arms, lines of life on my face.) But if I stay in my "safe" place, it's not doing my kiddos any good.

I had a Groupon to Lulu.com that was going to expire at midnight last week, so I threw a memory book together faster than you can fry a chicken.  It wasn't perfect, but I got it done in time.  One of the things I noticed was how few none of the pictures were of just the two of us.  Hence, my commitment to take more of the man of my life with his bride.  

What about you?  Are you being intentional about capturing your daily life?
Are you making sure YOU are in the pictures?  
I encourage you to pick up your camera and capture the everyday, normal life.  Sure, beach pictures are great, but unless you live at the beach, they shouldn't be the only moments captured.
Start clicking!  :)


Susan S. said...

Great picture of just you and your sweetie! Since I'm the only one in my household except the "fur babies" it's hard to get pictures of me. I'm usually the photographer in my group of friends (mostly b/c I always have my camera ready for a blogging idea). It's sort of embarrassing, but I'm getting better at it, to ask people to take MY picture. I usually don't like photos of myself either....we are all just too hard on ourselves. :)
Love the idea of the Tuesday Easter shots...the kids looked great. Hope the weather around there calms down...those tornados are NOT NICE! Have a blessed week!

Richella said...

Way to go, Gretchen! You should love to be in front of the camera--you're so lovely and SO photogenic!

I just caught up on several of your posts--I loved your darling bunny photo, and I especially liked your idea of taking Easter photos at a convenient time the week before. Brilliant!

Auntea said...

Not only am I not in many pictures, the few that I am are ones that my kids took for future laughing purposes. But I let them keep them. If it makes them laugh with good memories, even though they are silly & not too flattering. I want them to remember me. I lost the only picture I had of me with my Grandma as she died when I was only 2 and I was heartbroken. I have asked my husband to please be more considerate about taking my picture too.

Amy said...

Beautiful pics of the two of you. Y'all make such a handsome couple! And yes, I've been trying harder to allow myself to photographed too. Just need to work harder on my hubby....he's even more camera-shy than me.

Amy Kinser said...

What a great reminder. I very seldom ever let my family take a photo of me. I am like you...overly critical of myself and would just rather stay behind the lens. I do love seeing pictures of my husband and I together though. The kids recently took one of me on his back and I LOVE IT! I am grinning from ear to ear.

Thanks again for a good life reminder.

Samantha said...

a beautiful couple:)

Mom said...

Love the pictures!!! (Don't know if I've seen a kiss like that since your wedding!!! Love it!)
We're all "critical" of ourselves when we see pictures, yet what sweet memories you will leave your children when they are grown. Great idea to capture more of this!

Alisa said...

These are stunning, Gretchen. The two of you look wonderful!:)