April 12, 2011

Spring Break

We are officially on spring break at the NEM household.  Since the teacher (moi) is more just as excited about the week off as her students, here's a list of what I plan to accomplish this week:

1. Stay up late and sleep in. (So far, so good)
2. Read a couple of non-school-related fiction books (started one yesterday)
3. Design a new header for my blog (Checkin' it off the list. You like?)
4. Enjoy the NC mountains (already here and enjoying the view)
5. Peruse the curriculum choices for next school year (aaakk!  there are too many choices and I thought it would be easier by now to make decisions!)
6. Work on and hopefully finish preparing a seminar I am giving in 2.5 weeks. (Prayers, please!)
7. Enjoy my momma's cooking (I'm hoping for some apple pancake omelet and flan, but her homemade mac-n-cheese made me very happy tonight)  Can we say comfort food??
8. Schedule a family photo session with Sherri.  (But then I have to figure out the whole coordinating outfit thing.  Suggestions?)
9. Schedule several doctor-ish type appointments for myself that always seem to get pushed aside (You know, girly stuff that isn't nearly as fun as a manicure)
10. Take a break from laundry, dusting, and pretty much any other household chore that calls my name (that's why it's called spring BREAK, right?)

What would you add to this list if it were your spring break?


Amber said...

LOVE the new header! Enjoy your break friend!

Tracey said...

We are planting a garden, take care of some yard work and sit on the couch.

That's about it.

Have a wonderful break! Eat some home cookin' for me!!

Laura said...

Hope you have a great time in the mountains. Love the face lift to the blog. I would add a trip to try Gigi's cupcakes. That might be more appealing after the "girly" appointments you make. That way you're alone and don't have to buy any for the kids. Or stop by Caribou and ask for a Hawaiian vacation blended drink. Milk Chocolate, Caramel, and Irish Creme to make it taste more like coconut.

Kellie said...

I would add, personally, the joys of not hearing "Mrs. Fowler" 23,567 times a day. We'll have our Easter break next week and I am so ready. Jealous of your views of the mountains. :) Love your new header.

Mom said...

Love the new header!!!

But the flan recipe is at home...
Will have to look for the apple-pancake-omelette recipe... and I'm probably going back 5 lbs. heavier from all this comfort food & big dinners. But it sure is fun!

Your laundry is done...
If we dust now, it will just be there again when we come back...

So we'll just keep on "breakin' & spring along"...

Bugs and Sunshine said...

your new header=major cuteness

whatcha' reading, anything awesome we need to know about?

the best photo session we ever had was very last minute and i didn't even stress about the clothes and just went with the flow-it was relaxed and precious!

good luck! i'm sure everyone will look at the camera and smile beautifully :0).

happy spring break!

Joy for the Seasons said...

We are taking an unexpected 2-week break. ;o) Love your new blog look! Please breathe in some fresh, beautiful mountain air for me.