April 1, 2011

Room Makeover

Last summer my daughter asked for a "new room."  She had lived with periwinkle blue and sage green her entire life.  I can't believe I kept her room the same for 9 years!  That is a record for me!  

 We scoured the PB Teen magazines and she got a general idea of the colors she liked.  Then, we did the Target version of her choices.  She chose bright navy walls (which look more royal in the picture above than they actually are) and lime green accents.  It is now one of my favorite rooms in the house.

If you are wondering about the blurry thing above her bed, it is her name in vinyl attached to an artists canvas that I painted with acrylic.  I ordered it from here.  Seriously, it is a GREAT deal!  Below is the example from her Etsy shop.  You get to choose 2 colors and all of the words that go behind the name.  SO personalized!!!
The dots on the wall came from her store too.  Total cost?  $20 for a whole wall of yumminess!

The comforter set and throw pillows came from Target.  The throw pillow covers were from their RE line for $5 each!  I love dots!

She got the green butterfly chair from Target Santa ($18).
She inherited the feather boa wreath and I love how it shows up on the dark wall.  Oh, and the desk swivel chair came from Target ($18) too.

I hesitated posting this last picture, because I rarely leave a project unfinished.  My goal is to make a little pendant flag window treatment that swoops down in front of the two windows from the top of the bookcases.  But you get the picture.
My parents gave her a "husband" for Christmas (that green pillow thing on the window seat).  I had one from childhood through college and loved him it.  Now I have the real thing and he's so much better.  :)

The colors in her room make me happy every time I go in there.  Since she did not inherit my "I-love-change-gene," it's a good thing I like it, because she will probably keep these colors until she moves out.  Well, maybe.  :)


Jennifer said...

Love the new room.... My daughter has that chair in blue :)
Nice color choices and such a pretty place for your daughter.

Kellie said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL colors together. Love her new room. I am like her... you know I don't change room colors/decors much. lol :)

Mom said...

Just LOVE these colors (obviously since I'm using them in my kitchen...), but the whole room is so beautiful for a beautiful little girl!

Bugs and Sunshine said...