December 20, 2011

All Wrapped Up

 I have 5 days and a few hours to enjoy the beauties beneath my tree.  A wrapped present represents a mystery; a gift of love; a relationship between giver and receiver.
Wrapped gifts make me happy.
I know I'm a little OCD when it comes to details, but I love it when my presents go together.  You know, a theme!  I love a good theme!

This year my theme is "I Love Hobby Lobby."  Ha!  Everything in the picture below came from H.L.  Such good prices and quality!  My personal favorite is the harlequin paper with the polka dot tag.
Remember this year I am going with a colorful/kid/funky theme for my tree. This package fits right in that category!

 That was the girl version, this is the boy version of colorful/kid/funky:

I can't have fun paper without the fun trim:
 The two "Hollywood Ribbons" were found at H.L. for 50% off.  That's 100 yards for $2 Wowsa!  (Walmart also carries the ribbon, but not usually at 50% off.)  Speaking of good deals, in the picture below the two rolls on the left are from Hobby Lobby.  Notice how thick they are!  Four bucks.  Seriously.  And it is quality, thick paper with the lines on the backside for those of us who have a hard time cutting a straight line.
My splurge this year?  The wrist tape dispenser.  Hands off, kids!  That's momma's toy!

I want to know what your favorite wrapping paper looks like.


Samantha said...

I'm in love with Hobby Lobby wrapping paper too. I love that it is heavy and doesn't tear while you're wrapping. I also love the grid on the back that helps you cut straight and place your package straight. My paper this year for the guys is red with a white geometric quatrefoil type of design on it. For the girls it is white with little holly sprigs that look crafty and hand drawn. I want some sort of polka dot next year! Oh, and I splurged on the tape dispenser this year too. :-) I keep it on my hand, though. I love it!

Rita said...

These are gorgeous! I'd love to know how to tie these ribbons into bows. I have tried to do this but bows never look like yours. Could you give us a hint? Maybe a tutorial sometime. I have never seen so many wonderfully wrapped packages together.

Mom said...

I LOVE all your paper! And think it's so funny that we both have the green diamond print (by the time I got to HL, the selection wasn't as good, but I still like the ones I got, too. And I love that there is so much paper on the rolls since this year I seem to have several very large items to wrap...

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Darling, Darling, Darling!!!


This year I'm going with Robin's Egg Blue, Lime Green and Red.

Whoot Whoot!

Your gifts are presh!!!

Laura Robinson said...

Our packages are wrapped in Dora and Disney Princesses this year. Kids choice. The hubby and I have white and gold, much classier.
Although they are all wrapped, they are currently sitting in Eleanor's closet until Saturday night...there is NO chance a wrapped gift would stay wrapped for longer than 4 minutes in an unsupervised living room this year. Maybe one day we can put the gifts out before Christmas Eve! It's enough to discipline for touching the Christmas tree, I won't torture them with gifts too :)

KR said...

I want to know where in the world Hobby Lobby is. I keep hearing about it. I feel deprived.

Susan S. said...

So pretty! I love the harlequin the best. You did a great job with the fun and funky kids wrapping too. Also, love you fun and bright mantle in your previous post. Y'all have a Merry,Merry CHRISTmas!

Mom said...

I need you & your camera to come visit SOON so I could do some blogging again, with pictures of my pretty papers.... I tried, but my camera didn't do such a good job...