December 16, 2011

Have a Holly Jolly


We changed things up this year.  The kids asked for a "fun" mantle, so we went with it.  

We've lived in this house for 11 Christmases and this is the first time I figured out that I could have lights on the mantle.  Sing with me A Whole New World.  Oops, now you have the theme song from Aladdin running through your head.  Sorry!

Let's see, how about we get back to the theme song of the day.  Have a holly jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year.  Oh by golly have a holly jolly Christmas, this year!
The striped and dotted balls were on an after-Christmas sale at Target last year in a tube.  They make me feel funky-happy.  
Even though I loved our mantle last year, this one sure was fun pulling together!

 Do you change things up each year or keep them the same?
Does stepping beyond the normal red/green theme make you happy or make you break out in hives?  Just curious!  ;)
Enjoy your weekend, friends!


tarajj said...

I've never had a red/green Christmas! I love to change it up and was having a hard time this year and actually thought maybe it was due to no new/change to my decor. Thanks to Pinterest(you connected me) we made ornament balls for the garland and I love them! Merry Christmas.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

OH I love this! It is so pretty and fun! I usually try to change things up every year... at least a little bit! :)

D said...

I love the colors!! Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.

Learning as we Live said...

Love the mantle! Can you come do mine? :) I'll have to check the after Christmas sales for some fun ornaments! Mine has been the same every year and same boring ole colors!

Melissa Pelton said...

YES!!! I love traditional red and green, however having a girlie in the house...I bought the fun pink, lime green, hot pink and it is hanging from my chandelier...because I decorated for her birthday!!!! plan to leave it up, it is sooo pretty!

And lights, I have always put lights on my mantel, it just makes me so HAPPY!! I also have lights on the banister of our stair case. Last night when I turned all the lights off, the mantel was the last for me to turn off...and I thought "really don't want to turn them off, just magical- Christmas is..and it's about Jesus" next thought "I probably will not be ready to take them down after Christmas..."

Kellie said...

As you know, my creative juices do not flow very much in the decorating department.... therefore I pretty much stick to what I know each year. I do love red/green but have some of the "funky-fun" ornaments on my tables. I was tickled pink when I stepped out of that box. haha!

Bugs and Sunshine said...


Great job!

Mom said...

I love your mantle & your "different" tree this year!
I still love the red & green, but I especially loved your red & white you've had the last few years.

And I benefitted from your girls' expertise on my mantle this year (loved watching them love getting to do it the way they wanted to & didn't mind a bit giving up "control" of that this year.)