December 5, 2011

When Cleaning Floors Becomes a Privilege

Yesterday evening we discovered a "gift" from our dog.  Apparently he decided to eat the remains of a dead squirrel that my kids had thrown into the bonfire the day before.  To clarify, the squirrel was already dead; drowned in my parents' pool, but it made for an exciting leaf pile burning experience. 
Anyways, back to the "gift."
90% of my downstairs is hardwood.  He decided to give us the dead squirrel and the charcoal he had ingested on the 10% that is carpet.  Isn't there a saying about a family that dry-heaves together stays together??  
Needless to say, I had a wee bit of an attitude about the condition of my floors as I went to sleep last night.

A picture of us with our char-squirrel-eating nemesis. 

This morning I awoke to some devastating news.  One of my dear childhood friends experienced something we all hope to never have to face: her house burned to the ground last night as they slept.  She and her family were spared, but nothing was left.

As I mopped my floors and scrubbed my carpet, I found myself actually thankful.  Thankful for floors to clean, toilets to scrub, and pets to love. Thankful for the treasures we hold dear.

Please pray for my friend.  Her husband is a pastor in Rock Hill, SC.  They have two daughters that will surely be traumatized.  It's such a hard thing to grasp, but I know they are being showered with love and care by their church family.  I ask you to pray for peace, wisdom, and comfort as they deal with it all.

Suddenly dirty floors feel like a blessing.


Anonymous said...

A dear friend recently moved not too far from Rock Hill. We visited over Thanksgiving. I, too, find myself thankful for messes some days. I am saddened by the news of your friend. What devastation any time of the year, but it will hurt a little more closer to Christmas, I'm sure. So glad the family is safe.

Alisa said...

Oh wow. Perspective. I always love your blog, but I think this is the first time I have commented. We have dear friends in Rock Hill so your post obviously caught my attention. They go to Westminster. I will be praying for your friends. We went to the NC mountains to chop down our tree on Sat.

Tracey said...

Praying hard and suddenly, much more thankful.

Dead squirrel? That's just something, isn't it?

truth in weakness said...

oh gretchen, i am so very sorry, friend. wow, brings back memories from my family's one big trip to disney when i was around 8, & our car began to catch on fire (while we were in it) & then proceeded to burn to a crisp. but God was so very gracious to redeem that experience for my family. i will certainly pray that He will do the same for your friend's family. He continues to remind me that He is indeed our beauty from ashes Father.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

ok that is nuts about your dog!! if you find out more info about your friend keep us posted-any ideas on what caused the fire? that is scary.

monicadvance said...

I can relate this morning. I went to bed last night worrying about my little man after he was bitten at school yesterday and a quick trip to the dr to find out he also has an ear infection. This morning I woke up to find out that a family from my hometown lost their three old last night after he was ran over after the Christmas parade. I will be loving on my sweet babies today and try to find joy in giving L his antibiotic.

truth in weakness said...

btw, notice how your char-squirrel-eating nemesis can't even look the camera in the eye?? mhmm, clear evidence of a soul troubled by regret . . . ;)

Mom said...

Last night I was cleaning the bathroom at midnight... & thinking about them & praying for them. Mopping the kitchen this AM doing the same thing... Both times I too thought about how thankful I was to have those rooms to clean when that sweet family has nothing left materially. But I was also reminded that they (like us) have the love of Christ in them & for them, & the love & nurturing of family & friends.