November 6, 2012

Fall Delights

1. My husband brought home these flowers, just because.  I love that man so much!

2. My baby turned 9 this month.  My baby!

 He wanted a "nerf war."  My husband set up the ultimate nerf war in our new backyard.

Favorite action shot:

3. We're still settling in.  I hung this collage in our foyer.

4. We don't celebrate the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween, but we do let our kids dress up.  This year my heart ached a little as the older girls' outfits were a little less elaborate as in years past.  This growing up thing... sigh.
 We ended up with a cowgirl, a knight and a scarecrow.  They still melt my heart.
 Our yearly tradition is to get together with about 5 other families, eat chili and grilled cheese, and then let the kids go twick-or-tweating.  As the kids have gotten older, sometimes they bring friends, so the number of our posse has grown throughout the years.  I'm sure the neighbors quake when they see this crazy crew coming up the driveway. ;)

5.  I don't drink much coffee in the summer, but this is my favorite morning sight in the fall:
 Favorite decaf, favorite mug, favorite creamer!

6. I found a GOOD recipe on Pinterest this week.  I'll share tomorrow!
Happy Election Day!!!


The Corbett Family said...

LOVE the color combinations of the painting and the mug. The mug made me smile :) They are the inspiration for my dream kitchen which will hopefully happen one day. Fall just makes me happy period and I always dread to see it end. I know you're thrilled to be celebrating it in your lovely new home.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

props to the hubby for flowers~that's super sweet.

can't wait to hear about the new recipe!

Mom said...

The kids looked so cute! Definitely just growing up too fast.

Kellie said...

We haven't dressed up in a couple of years because of school busyness... I miss those days. Beautiful flowers from your man! Can't believe your baby is nine, either!