November 29, 2012

Why Photos Make Me Feel Productive

Do you ever have one of those weeks that you feel you've accomplished nothing?  This morning I said to my mom, "I feel like I've lost a week."  It slipped in, became smothered with sick children and unexpected non-events and is over before I could catch my breath from last weekend.  
Sound familiar? 

I take a lot of photos, mostly of my loved ones, but also of the everyday stuff.  At first I felt silly taking a photo of my shoes, my oven, a candle.  Then I began to realize that even those photos remind me of the stuff this life is made of; and on weeks like this one where I feel buried in the mundane and feeling the least bit productive, they are a reminder that even the slow days are filled with gifts, too precious to forget.
These are a few from the week:

I get to drive across this lake at least twice when I leave my house.  It always stirs a sense of wonder in me.  Even in the midst of running to basketball 4 times a week, chatty children in the car, and the jingle of Christmas tunes, it still takes my breath away and reminds me of the Creator's gentle brush strokes on the canvas of nature.

After a year of no sewing, I pulled out my machine and completed a fun banner for the youth party.  I made these little votive holders out of mason jars and left over fabric scraps.  Just a few minutes of time, but something fun for the tables down at the barn.  Ahh, productiveness, there you are!

Dog hair drives me more batty than nails on a chalkboard.  About twice a year, Rocko loses his dignity and I shave him.  He follows me around for a few days as if I'll give him his coat back.   It's a real bonding time for us.  Good thing he's still cute when he's bald. ;)

 This has been a year of focusing on my husband.  We've always had a great marriage but this year I've fallen more in love with him than ever before.  I've watched him stand strong in his faith when I faltered.  He worked his hands to the bone (literally) creating a special home for our family.  He has always treated me like a queen, but this year I think I appreciated it more.

I've tried to be more intentional about capturing my children doing what they love.  These are the moments I want to remember forever.  My sweet girl often puts her bunny in her jacket and comes to the door for a visit.  One day my door will stand empty, so I want to appreciate the here and now.
 My little guy still loves to dress up in an array of costumes.  This, too, will pass sooner than I am ready.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of meeting up with a ninja on the way to the back porch.

In the midst of the mundane; the crazy week that seemed to leave you in its dust; the endless hours of moving from one fire to another, I encourage you to grab your camera or phone or whatever you can grab and capture the moment.  You will realize, as I have, that life is not slipping by.   It is being well lived.  I just need a little help realizing that sometimes.


MEEMAW said...

My dear young friend--you express yourself so well. I am not a camera in my pocket person but I need to learn to take those "kodak moments" into my heart. You may not be albe to see what you did this week but that is the way it is with faith--not seen, but certain that you have been about the important things. At the BGEA Library learned that if Billy Graham could do life over, he would spend more time in prayer and Bible study---the important things. As a Mom nursing the sick, laudry, cooking and homeschooling are the divine services you render daily. Keep up the good work. Hugs to you!

Tracey said...

Great post! Love the bunny girl and the ninja...made me smile!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I hope your sweet crew gets to feeling better!

Today I for real cleaned. It's been months of quick spruce ups but today I killed the beast! Bathrooms, floors, laundry, dusted, windexed, I did it all. Man how it feels good.

And now my siatic (sp?) nerve is killing me and I look like a little old lady when I get up. HAHA! The joys of getting old I guess!

Kellie said...

Beautifully written.... I have lost some of my captures in the busyness. Must get back to that.