November 21, 2012

November Tidings

 It's hard to believe that fall is quietly slipping out like a tender leaf in a cascade of water.
The Christmas season is whispering my name, but I'm holding onto November for a few more days.

We have savored autumn, enjoying the everyday moments as if they are little nuggets of gold to be treasured.

The game of UNO has reappeared like a long lost friend.  I find the kids sneaking in a game between lunch and afternoon studies.  I love the laughter it brings to this house we're making into a home.  

 My children often surprise me with their interests.  My sweet boy, who is ALL boy, asked me to teach him to sew this week.  An hour later, I walked in on this:
He was passing the lesson on to his oldest sister.  Be still my heart.

I've found a favorite fall/winter scent.  I was skeptical, so I bought a tiny one as a trial.  Yesterday, I went back for a large one and walked out with several for gifts.  Walmart, you surprised me!

Little touches of fall fill our home from top to bottom.

We've had the joy of sharing our home with so many friends, old and new, this fall.
 May your home be filled with love and fall delights today.


Mom said...

I was just thinking last night that the girls might be old enough to learn to sew! But I didn't even think about the boy! Awesome!

Kellie said...

How precious... I must admit I am envious of your ability to savor the days. Our days are so hectic that I am too tired to savor at the end of each one. I just try to enjoy what I can. lol!