December 10, 2012

Farmhouse Christmas Mantle

As we settle into our new home, Christmas decorating almost has me overwhelmed.  Fortunately, we purged A TON of Christmas schtuff before moving.  Two years ago I purchased a couple of things on after-Christmas-clearance, but then couldn't find them last year.  Ever do anything like that?  So this year, I pretty much only have stuff that I love.  Freeing, indeed.

 I noticed a similar sign on Pinterest and decided that would be my one new addition to our decor.  The one I saw had Peace on Earth or something to that effect, but when I sat down to make mine, I realized I wanted a verse that would last all year long.  For goodness sake, if I'm going to put that much work into it, let's enjoy it all year!  This is the verse we chose as our life verse this past year, during our move to the farm.  It sums it up perfectly.

Want a sign of your own?  I'm giving a tutorial tomorrow on how to make it.  It really isn't very hard and requires NO artistic ability.  I kid you not!
Stop by tomorrow and you'll be amazed at how easy it really is.

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Kimberly said...

I'm excited to see how you made your's beautiful! I want one for my mantle. :-)

Mom said...

Your sign is beautiful! I noticed it when Dad hung it up Sat. night. I had no idea you made it!!

Jodee said...

So cute! You did a great job! Love your new house!

Anonymous said...

Love the sign which is a statement to all who come into your home as well as to each of you daily. Love the verse you chose and how sweet that this became your family verse in this year as you made big changes. Dixie

KR said...

Yay! I can't wait for the tutorial. I'll be checking at 12:01 am, so go ahead & do the auto post thing. You don't want me to come over at 12:02 for a personal tutorial.

Richella Parham said...

Your mantel looks beautiful, Gretchen! And I loved your tutorial for the sign. What a great idea--and how beautifully you executed it.

I've never seen those paint pens. I'm fairly handy with a Sharpie, so I'll bet I could use one of those. It would be nice to be able to paint in white! (And I'm TERRIBLE with a brush, so I think this product would be a good find for me!)

Kellie said...

Beautiful sign! I will have to check out your tutorial! I need something like that for my mantle!