December 12, 2012

Peace: Are you Looking for it Too?

Ironic that we hear it spoken the most during this month of December, yet, most likely feel it the least. Are you seeking peace in this busy time of year?

What does true peace look like?
A sleeping baby with cheeks recently kissed by the breath of heaven?
A calm starry night?
Winter's touch on blades of grass?

Heaven knew we would need peace; freedom from the disturbance that sin smatters across the human race.  The ancient Jews were anticipating a royal King.  Heaven delivered the Prince of Peace in the form of a babe, on a quiet starry night.

Sometimes I expect  fanfare when I really just need to experience the quiet.

In this busy season of merriment, pressure, and festivities, my soul yearns for the calm and contentedness that only His peace can bring.
As an adult, Jesus used the word peace
as a greeting;
as a command;
as a promise.
I am so thankful that He began His time on earth with peace.  One day we will celebrate the fanfare of the King of Kings returning, but for now, I am seeking His perfect peace.
As we anticipate the arrival of Christmas, let us not forget what peace looks like:

  • contentment
  • tranquility
  • quietness
  • restfulness
  • calm
Occasionally in the midst of the splendor of the season, we need to step back and breathe the calm.

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