December 9, 2012

New Traditions

It's never too late to start new traditions.  This year, in an effort to hold on tightly to these kids that keep growing way too fast keep the wonder of Christmas alive and kicking, we decided to add the Elf on the Shelf.  Yes, I realize that we are on the cusp of, "mom, we know it's not real," but I just couldn't help myself.  I let the girls in on the secret and they've saved me a couple of times when I forgot.
 We don't really emphasize the naughty/nice-report-back-to-Santa part.  The kids just like seeing the mischief Alfred gets into each night.

Do you have any good mischief ideas?
What's a new tradition to your family?


Auntea said...

Your pictures are hilarious! I never thought of that. I can't wait to show my hubby. I will be 50 next year and my mom always did the elf on the shelf. I never knew anyone else who did, so I always thought she made it up to keep us kids behaving. When the book came out my jaw dropped to find out there were other "elves" out there with their eyes open. Our elf moved all over the house and I had my kids totally convinced (just as my mom did me) that it was entirely real. As soon as that book came out I bought each of my kids the set for their own homes. My daughter will love your idea. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Kim B. said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED reading this!! Your pics were hysterical :) Thanks for literally making me laugh out loud! Merry Christmas :)

Kellie said...

Loved these moments for your elf. Our Candy Cane has been less active because Mom has been brain tired and just forgets. Thank goodness for Sweet Man and Wes who knows and likes to help with the fun.