January 25, 2013

Snow? Did Someone Say SNOW?

We had to give the foster puppies back yesterday; back to the place that will find them forever homes.  It was a very sad day for my girl.  She was so faithful in letting them out every single morning and feeding them and snuggling their little wiggly bodies.  She loved on those pups, even though her allergies gave her hives.  It reminded me of my Father's unconditional love. I'm sure I give Him hives sometimes. ;)  He still tucks me under His wing and loves me.

We had our first snow at the farm last week.  So many firsts here, to savor.
As I type this, tender flakes are falling again.  We are getting our second snow of the season.  
It was a dusting, but enough to make everything beautiful.
I hear my friends in other parts on the country snickering.
Yes, NC shuts down at the mention of snow.
The grocery stores become a bee hive of activity.
No milk.  No bread.  Everyone panics.  It's weird.

I love LOVE cold weather, so I'll take what we can get.

The kids and pups played for 3 hours.  Much of our front hill is shaded for the morning.  They made the most of it.  No matter how old they get, they still have a ball in the snow.  
My favorite sound is the non-stop GIGGLING! 

Today my parents asked if the kids could come spend the night for a "snow sleep over."
Aren't they grand?  I have the WHOLE afternoon to myself.  After I finish this post, I am pulling out the paints and working on a craft.  I've enjoyed the quiet, so bizarre here.  I love serenity and quiet ... for a short while.  Now it is time to crank up my favorite playlist and roll up my sleeves.
After all, I might be snowed in for D.A.Y.S.  (yeah right!)

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Sandy said...

And they played out in the "snow" (which was really sleet that stuck here) for at least 3 hours today! Love 'em!