January 2, 2013

Walking Into the New Year

 Did you make New Years Resolutions?  Me neither.  I had plans.  I really wanted to, but I let it slip.  Do resolutions make you twitchy?  In 2010, I wrote about Releasing the Resolution Grip.  After reading through that post today, I realized that I needed to choose a word.  Just one word to go after, cling to, work towards.  I'm a word-lover, goodness, I have them all over my house, so to choose just one word is a little daunting, yet....  freeing.  So my word for the year is

 I see a pattern.  Two years ago it was INTENTIONAL.  Last year it was PURPOSEFUL.  It's still the same desire, just cloaked in a different color; branded with a different name.

I struggle with diligence/purpose/intentionality.  I have grand ideas, good intentions, and dreams of being consistent.  Sometimes I avoid tasks because of the fear of failure.  This year I desire to be diligent in all that the Lord has entrusted to me.  

How about you?   Are you walking into 2013 with a basket of resolutions?  If it is overwhelming, I encourage you to choose one word and lighten your load.

My daughter and I took a hike on New Years Eve day, just the two of us exploring  God's creation beneath our boots.  It was a glorious day, spending time with my middle child.

We explored the wooded area of our farm, and discovered a little pond we had never seen.

In the woods we found several treasures.  Check out this old Clorox bottle!  I did a little Google search and found that this may be from the 1950's.
We found this mason jar with moss growing inside.  A natural terrarium; a true treasure.

As we returned home, I snapped this photo of our farm from across the pond.  I still get goosebumps of gratitude when I think about this place.

 2012 was a very difficult year for me, so as I walk into the New Year, I am filled with joy and anticipation of all that life will bring.
Walk with me, won't you?


Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Happy New Yer, Gretchen! Your photos are lovely and I'm so happy for you to be settled and snuggled up in your new home. Just beautiful! May your family experience many happy years there.

Christi said...

I am looking forward to all that 2013 has to offer as well. Happy New Year!

Kellie said...

Happy New Year! Love your word for the year. :) Mine is "magnify"... :)

Bo said...

lovely home. I chose a scriptural phrase "wisdom, stature, favor with God and man."

Rest Area History said...

I love this concept. I usually make resolutions and feel enlivened by them, but this year nothing came to me. I just kept thinking of the word simplify...still it felt a forced, and then I came upon 'simple'...realizing not to make a big deal out of trying to make everything simpler that is already in place, just go forth in a simple manner. Thanks for your post!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I make no resolutions...but like you I do have plans. This is a lovely post!

Just One of the Girls said...

I think my word a couple of years ago was "Simplicity". Thinking I need to stick to that this year!

Bobbie said...

New home is beautiful! and Happy Birthday.

Mindy Whipple said...

Your farm beyond the pond looks like a wonderful place to live out your word of the year. So cute :)