November 25, 2013

Stuff I Like

1. I really like this cute guy.  He works so hard for our family and is intentional about parenting.  I love how he has a unique relationship with each of our kids.  He still makes my heart flutter.

2. Our church collected shoe boxes and giant Ziploc bags for Kenya.  So much love packed into those boxes and bags!   Oh to see their faces!  I've had a desire for a long time to go on a mission trip, but so far the Lord hasn't opened the door.  I'm still hoping...

3. Caribou Coffee brought back the Spicy Mocha.  I may have done a happy dance with the barista.  She totally got my exuberance.

3. Finishing up our study on Ancient Egypt with a trip to the Art Museum.  I finally learned my lesson and fed everyone on the way.  No more I-can't-focus-because-I'm-starving.

4. November's gift:
I eat a ton of these during the months of November/December.  Aldi has them for .50 so my mom stocked up for me.  Thanks, mom!  I've enjoyed every delicious bite!

5. Killing time at Target.  I rarely have time to just meander.  I had an hour to myself and took full advantage.
 New carts made me very happy.  It's the little things.
 This mug.  I didn't buy it, but it sure made me smile!

 I love this cute JOY series!  Such fun colors!

6. This pup.
We *almost* decided to keep this foster pup.  Some sweet friends of ours are adopting her so we get to watch her grow up.  She is precious!

Happy Monday!


Joy for the Seasons said...

Which Target has the new carts???

Bugs and Sunshine said...

We LOVE Operation Christmas Child! Our church was a relay center this year. So amazing to see all those boxes come through. Samaritan's Purse is one of our favorite ministries!!

Sandy said...

A definite color theme going on there...and I like it! What fun! And what fun for the kids (well, 2 of them & you) to watch her grow up!