November 12, 2013

Holiday Table Ideas

Each year our church hosts a holiday brunch for the ladies.  Every table is decorated differently to inspire the festive mood and give ideas for Thanksgiving or Christmas tablescapes.
I was asked to do two, which was great because I was having a hard time deciding between the two holidays!  I wanted to encourage women that a pretty table doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  The green "placemats" are actually Ikea napkins opened up.  The square plates came from the dollar store and the houndstooth napkins were from party city.
The lantern was from my front porch (Ikea) and the sparkly fabric is just a half yard from Walmart.
I wanted the ladies to have a take-home-treat, on the cheap, so I bought the silver trays at the Dollar Tree and spray painted them with chalkboard paint.  
I did the same for my Thanksgiving table.  The oval trays were too difficult to tape with painter's tape, so I just sprayed the whole plate.
Again, an inexpensive table, using objects I already owned: pumpkin from my front porch, mason jars from the kitchen filled with Dollar Tree gourds and paper plates from Tuesday Morning.
A funny thing happened with my "Give Thanks" table.  After the meal, we were listening to a godly woman share her heart.  It was super quiet in the room, and all of the sudden the box that I had placed under the pumpkin and jars collapsed.  The ladies at the table had to catch all of the jars before they rolled off the table.  Centerpiece fail!  ;)

Each year it is a treat to see the variety of table ideas.
Loved the polka dot plates!!!

The layers and the fruit= natural warmth

Simple elegance, using her fine china.  Loved the navy, silver, turquoise and green.  Now I want some miniature disco balls!

This table was a great example of a kid-friendly party.  Loved the red polka dots (Oriental Trading) mixed with the green dot napkins (Walmart).
She used wrapping paper as a table runner... brilliant!

Red, white and silver.  So classic!  Those brown ornaments?  Filled with homemade hot cocoa mix!

Can you see that pumpkin made from a book?!  Love at first sight.

Christmas trees from book pages?  I am complete.

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CT said...

I love those pumpkins and trees from the books - someone did them last year too. I keep wanting to do them but when I get ready to cut a book I just can't do it...

Bugs and Sunshine said...

oh I just LOVE stuff like this!!

it is so neat to see people's creativity.

and that paper pumpkin? I may not be able to sleep tonight-ha!

Sandy said...

They were all beautiful but I liked yours the best (of course, I am prejudiced...)