November 18, 2008

Table Toppings 3

Today we are going to look at some FUN holiday tables.
For other great ideas, scroll down.
This first one is so 'outside the box.' I would have never thought to use hot pink and orange for Christmas, but it works!
Katie loves orange ... had it in her wedding and it was gorgeous. So this table fits her to a tee. The plates and mugs are china, not paper this time.
I know my picture isn't the clearest, but she had ball ornaments filled with Jelly Bellies. Isn't that a fun favor? Kids would love it! The ornaments are sort of flat, so they don't roll off the plates. (Michael's has them, I think)

This next table has me wanting to be a kid again.
Marshmallows and candy canes = F.U.N.
I love the light blue polka dots. Wintery-fresh! Laura just used fabric glue to add this fun ribbon to the fabric to make the table cloth. Love-it!
She made the delightful peppermint trees, too. Wouldn't that be fun to make during Christmas break? She told me she found these washable, kid-friendly plastic plates after Christmas last year at one of the drugstore chains. Aren't they fun?!
I love these red chargers!

This little picture (above) is just a teaser...
What is pink and green, sparkly, and yummy?


Tracey said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures..I was out of town and missed the all the fun! Who would have thought 'orange'? But it looks great..and I LOVE the china. Makes me want to clean off my dining room table...ugh. ;) Love this are so cool!

Karen said...

I was not able to go to make it to the event...thanks for giving me a lil peek!