November 15, 2008

Table Toppings

Are you ready for some fabulous holiday ideas?
This week I will be featuring some tablescapes.
Today we will look at some brown beauties.

I love this autumn one.
Who says you have to use fine china to make a beautiful place setting?
Both of the tables today used paper plates on gold chargers.

Here is another beautiful idea that could be used year around:
Isn't that little favor box adorable? Something yummy was hiding inside.
Here is the whole table, but my picture doesn't do it justice. The orange roses were gorgeous in real life.
I love how she used natural elements (oranges, nuts and roses) with the brown and silver. See that flatware? It's plastic!

All of the tables I will feature this week came from an event held at my church this morning. I came home ready to decorate for Christmas. Well, aside from my personal conviction of not leaving Thanksgiving out in the cold.

Come back on Monday for some more great table ideas!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

It was great seeing you this morning! I found your blog through Sarah's. I love it! I'm glad you caught some of the pretty tables in pictures because I somehow managed to not get to see any except for the one I sat at!