June 22, 2008

Goodbye Lello

When our first child mispronounced words, we corrected her, for fear of speech issues when she got older.  With our second child we were less fearful and knew that she would outgrow most of her word slips.

By the time our 3rd child arrived we knew that we had to hold onto those little words because they vanish without warning.  So not only did we cherish those words, we encouraged them this time around.  Take for instance, the word YELLOW.  One of my favorite words to hear because it is pronounced LELLO from my little man.  

But it happened.  Long before my heartstrings were ready.  He said it.  He actually said Y-ellow this week.  I even tried to correct him by saying 'Lellow, lellow, honey it's lellow.'

You're so silly mommy.  It's Y-y-yellow.

Oh, alright.  

I'll give that one up, but if any of you tells him that the stuff growing in our garden is not 'SHABBEGE', I'll come after you with my lello pitchfork!


Amy said...

I hope you've recorded some of their sweet, special ways of saying things. I'm hanging on to ours as long as I can. I've already told my brother, Jason, that I'll continue to call him Gigi long after the children stop! There's no reason YOU can't keep saying lello.

Kimba said...

My oldest has just stopped saying lello and it's breaking my heart. Everyday for breakfast we would have fuffles (waffles) and ostrich (sausage). I still call it that in hopes that the baby will pick up on it.

Lee said...

I love this post. This is the story of my life....except we are in speech therapy. When my daughter lets go of a word and pronounces it correctly, I cheer outside, but my insides forever say the word the way it was at first.....
Prim-press (princess)
nilk (milk)
tactwer (tractor)

Love your blog. :)

muralimanohar said...

I miss my baby's orshons...aka oranges. *sniff*