June 18, 2008

Porch Progress

When we built our house, there were a few things that we just hurried up and finished ... 
as cheap as possible.  You know how the budget ends before the project, usually.
Our front porch was in that category.  We grabbed the cheapest porch lights at Lowes and decided we would pick something better in the near future.  

By the way, the photo above is after we ripped out the original ceiling. 
So six years later, I finally got my new lights.  But the best part is they came with a new ceiling and fans!   Funny how that works out when your husband is a builder.  
So here is the after shot:

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Kimba said...

Oh my. I just adore your porch. It's beautiful! And I love the green door. The house that we're building has similar brick to your house and I've been wondering what a green door like that would look with it. Now I know! Beautiful!

I hear you on the budget ending before the project. That was one of the areas where we had to compromise on our new house. It doesn't have a front porch and I'm pretty sad about it. Our house now has a beautiful porch. I'm keeping a brave face for the the hubby, though.

I just got a call from our realtor and we're supposed to be getting another offer on our current house sometime tonight. I so hope so! I'm ready for this nonsense to be over.