August 14, 2008

Are You a Lurker?

Help me out.  I've had this little counter thingy added to my blog to get an idea of how many 'hits' I get in a day.  Since mid July I've had about 3000!  However, by looking at my comments, you'd never guess.  

I know that the beauty of  blogworld is that you can anonymously peruse.  
I LOVE that feature!!! 
Lately, I've had several (unexpected) people say that they lurk on my blog and enjoy it.  It totally takes me by surprise, and I think, how did you even know I had a blog?  Small world!

Here's the thing.  I often type what's on my mind: kids, decorating, spiritual thoughts, funny moments etc...  
Sometimes my mind is blank (like this week, for instance!) 

I'd really like to know your thoughts. 

So with that said, can I ask a favor of you?  
Can you please leave me a comment today?
Just click on the little place under this post that says comments.
It will let you do it anonymously.  Trust me, it's easy.

Here is what I'd like to hear in the comment section:
1. If  you choose to do the anonymous thing, let me know how I know you: personally or just through bloggyworld
(i.e.  know you through church, or i.e. found you through the Nester)
2. What your favorite kind of posts are
(i.e. decorating ideas)

See.  I'm not asking too much.  Just a little love for your sista!


The Lord Family said...

I suppose I'm not a "lurker" since I've commented before ;)
But, I enjoy your decor posts...and I love the recipes on the sidebar.
Plus, I enjoy just keeping up with what's going on with you.
Hope you get lots of feedback!
PS--We did the rodeo on Tuesday. It was awesome! thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Hey there! Yes, I am guilty of being a lurker on your blog. I promise I really have been meaning to comment! I totally agree with you though, sometimes its hard to tell who's reading, when there are little to no comments. I really enjoy reading your blog, and have been following for several months. I loved your recent post about some of your favorite things. We love that show Psych too! It is hilarious, and we SO look forward to Friday nights! I love all your pictures, and all the bright colors. And I am totally going to make that chocolate surprise cake soon! YUM!! I really appreciate how you often tie your experiences into a little devotional. Thanks for keeping up with my blog and for your prayers for me and my family! Keep the posts coming! Hope to see you at church soon! :)
love, Rachel

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi, you already know me. (probably sick of me)I comment often. But I wanted to put my two cents in. I like a little of everything in a blog. Well not everything...but everything you, decorating, spiritual thought & funny moments. I hope the lurkers come out...whomever they are!

jaymeebird said...

Hi! I'm a lurker! I've been enjoying your blog for some time now. I can't quite remember where I found your blog, but since you mentioned the Nester, probably through her. Have a blessed day!

Nikki said...

I like blogs that are a good mix, decorating, kiddos, mommyhood, good recipes, tips, and such!

I think I'm been to your blog before, now I'm leaving a comment!

Suz said...

Hey You!
I always enjoy your blog. Your thoughts on life are very inspirational! And I always love your decorating ideas. In fact, I love how you just mix it up...decorating, family life, faith, etc.

Ok, I have to know...Do you know the Nester personally or just though blog world? I am a lurker on her her ideas and her sense of humor.
Keep writing!

candiceschenk said...

I am a lurker on your blog too. I rarely comment on anyone's blog because I am afraid of sounding like a dork. But I like comments on mine and never think anyone is a dork, so here I go. :) I am not sure where I found your blog. I love all the decorating ideas. Keep up the great work!!

Marjorie said...

I've just started reading decorating blogs. I'm a scrapper but found a link on another blog and another link and another one and here I am.

Kellie said...

I don't lurk... you know I pretty much read. lol I love your blog because, well, because it is of you!! I am finally catching up with an old friend after 15 years. It is great.

Hey... how did you put the "counter" on your blog? I'd love to see how many hits I get, too. lol

Laurie said...

I think I've left you a comment before and you commented back, thank you very much! I'm the one who lives in Oregon with the Wisteria. It's always nice to get a comment it makes you feel a little more connected to those out there in bloggyland!!!

wendy said...

Hi! I'm Wendy and I'm a lurker :) I've been reading your blog since I "met" Kellie who discovered my blog when I left my cousin Kimberly a link to my blog on her Facebook account. (Kellie and Kimberly used to teach together.) She kindly introduced herself to me and we've been reading each other's blogs ever since. (And it's kind of neat that we're both second grade teachers!)

One day I noticed her links and was reading down through the titles and I REALLY liked the title of yours, so I clicked and I've been back occasionally ever since. I can't say that I have favorite posts, but I love seeing the pictures of how you've decorated your home, and one of these days (when it isn't so blessed hot) I'm going to try out that cake recipe!

Anonymous said...

I've only this week added a counter to my bloggy page and I've had a page for about six months. I'm amazed at how many people stop by. I found you somehow through bloggyland and I love to read your posts. So, HI! Hope you and your kids are adjusting to school. We have been in for a week and it's still kicking my tail to be out the door so early.

-- Brandi

Mom said...

I am not lurker..except at your house, every chance I get since I'm your mom & next door! I love everything you write & am SO proud of you!

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi, me again. I promise I'm not stalking! I thought I would suggest google analytics. It's free and it will tell you how many hits you get, what country they are from, how long they stay on your blog and how many pages they read. It will also tell you how many referrals you get and from whom.

Brandee :-)

Celly B said...

Yes, I must admit that I am a lurker. I think that I found you through the Nester's blog, or perhaps through A Soft Place to Land.

I enjoy your posts on your children and your faith. I also really like your posts on decorating. BTW, I'm from SC--where was that fabuloso fabric shop you visited?

Kim said...

Hi, My name is Kim and I am not a lurker! I love reading your blog in my nightly readings! I love how you share about your family & faith in everday life. You are so transparent and I admire you so much! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I do read your blog. I've enjoyed all your postings. It's just fun to read your stories. Have a good day!

Beth said...

I am a lurker, but I did ask about your cake recipe. I tried it and it was wonderful. And it reheats great in the microwave!!

I found your site through Nester, I found hers through Grace Violet, and I found hers through a scrapbook space blog.

I really enjoy the decorating ideas and how you mix your faith in. I love beautiful things, but I want to make sure I don't worship them.

Thanks for your great ideas and encouragement!


Anonymous said...

I have been a lurker up until today. I enjoy reading your blog. I think I found it through the Nester's blog, but I can't remember for sure.

new every morning said...

Ya'll are so KIND!
Thanks for giving me a little piece of your day to leave a comment.

To answer your questions:
Suz: I don't know the Nester personally. But I'm pretty sure we'd be BFF's! Hehe!
Candice: You are no more of a dork than me, girl!
Celly: The fabuloso fabric store is in Richburg (near Lancaster) it's a Springmaid/Waverly outlet
Another great one is MaryJo's in Gastonia

Julie said...

I have commented here once or twice. I just enjoy the beauty and simplicity of your blog. :)

lurker :-) said...

I came across your blog via?? Probably from a link on another blog I read. You're my almost every day list homemaking/frugal blogs that I try to check on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing.

Handmade Housewife... said...

Ok, so I'm a day late. What else is new? I have no idea how I found your blog...Rhoda...Nester...Susie??? I think what appealed to me most was how you write your posts with such honesty, sincerity, and humor. Oh yeah, I also love your style. You're one of my daily reads :)


Anonymous said...

Of the 3000 hits in July, I contributed 1200 :) I love having daily access to you and your family. My goal is to have "All the Perks" by January 2010! Miss you ~ LP

Bobbie said...

I have commented before so I am not really a lurker- but I cant remeber how I found your blog.... I love your recipes and decorations and just basically enjoy visiting with you!!

aj said...

Hey-I've commented before:) Not sure how I got here, maybe through Kimba? I just like getting to "know" other moms out there who enjoy some of the same things I do:)

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Welllll, I guess I am one of your lurkers! I found your site through Nesting Place, and I often just lurk at most peoples, cuz I keep getting lured into more and more sites, and I just can't get attached to them all! But I know what you mean - I am a very much novice at blogging, but did get a sitemeter thingey - and I do get some people stopping bye - I always feel bad tho about the ones that spend O minutes looking. Is my blog that bad, I always wonder? And not too many people comment on mine either - I wonder what it is that makes some peoples posts have oodles of comments? Oh well - I am pretty used to being paranoid! (smiling!) But I enjoyed your blog tonight - and I will certainly try to come back and visit again.

hugs from Michigan - Diane

Amy said...

Hi! I love the mixture of posts, especially the decorating and "slice of life" stuff. It makes me feel more in touch with you guys to read your blog, since I don't see you as often lately. Keep up the great work!

beckic said...

Hi. Yes I am a lurker as I don't yet have a blog of my own. In fact you would be safe to say that I am "researching" blogs (tough job isn't it? lol). I really enjoy the sharing of decorating ideas and family planning items as well as tried and true recipes. Today is the first that I have "lurked" on your blog but I will definitely be back. As with most blogs that I visit, I found yours through chance by clicking madly on links posted by blogs that I visit. Maybe some day you can visit my blog (if I get brave enough to attempt one)!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a lurker. I just found you today from the Nester's blog. I often just click on other blogs when someone is having a special day to post things. I have found a lot of my favorites that way. I don't have my own blog. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Patti from Livonia, Michigan

Heather @ Home said...

Lovin your blog! Found you through Nester. I will be visiting often.