August 8, 2008

Tasting the Clouds

Today was a day of big puffy white clouds set against that famous Carolina blue sky.
My little man was examining them from the backseat.  Here is the conversation that transpired:
Son: Mom, when we get to heaven, will we be able to touch the clouds?
Mom: Ummm... I don't know, but that would be fun wouldn't it?
Son: When I get to heaven, can I taste the clouds?
Mom: Oohh, what a good idea, what if they taste like cotton candy?
Son: Can God taste the clouds?
Mom: Ummm...
Son: I'm gonna ask Him when I get there.
Mom: That's a great idea.
Son: Does God eat in heaven?
Mom: Ummm....
Son: I'm gonna ask Him.
Mom: Okay!
Son: If we eat in heaven, can I sit next to Jesus?
Mom:  Sure!  (My answers are amazing, I know)
Son: I don't want to be old when I go to heaven.  I want to be a kid.
Mom: (Please, God, NO.)
Son: Mom, are you going to be an old lady sometime?
Mom: Oh, no time soon. (Well, sooner than planned if these kind of questions keep coming)
Son: I don't want to be an old man.
Mom: But old men are SO cute!
Son: Who else is in heaven?  Oh, David?
Mom: You mean like David and Goliath?
Son: Yeah.  Is he an old man in heaven?
Mom: Ummm... well, in heaven we will get new bodies so ...
Son: Hey remember when David used his sling shot... I've got a sling shot.
Mom: Umhm
Son: Remember after he used the sling shot and then he took his cool sword and...
Mom: Hey!  Look at those clouds!  What do you think they taste like?


Kellie said...

That is too cute. :)

Kathryn said...

Don't you love those conversations? I've had many like it ... and my answers were just as snappy as yours! :-)

Lacy said...

Isnt it true...Kids say the darndest things??? I have to remember that we are suppose to have a child like faith...boy what a sweet reminder this post was. I cant wait to ask God about eating in heaven too! I like that a bit too much, but I bet heaven will put food to shame! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love that boy!! :)