September 25, 2008

Birds and the Bees, Oh Please

Yesterday I was in the car with my 3 children when my 9 year old daughter pipes up from the back:
Girl: Hey Mom, did you know that boy dogs and girl dogs can both have babies?
Me: No they can't, sweetie.  Only girl dogs can have puppies.
Girl: No mom, you're wrong. Boy dogs CAN have puppies.
Me:  Who says?
Girl: Everyone in my class.
Me: Really.  Where did they get that information? 
Girl:  Because, girl dogs AND boy dogs have to have surgery so they can't have puppies.
Me: Oh.
Yeah.  That was my answer.  Oh.  

Inside I'm laughing so hard, though.   I know I could have taken that opportune moment to explain that it takes a boy and a girl dog to make puppies.  But let's be real.  Her 5 and 7 year old siblings were tuned into the conversation and I really didn't want to have to share all of the facts of life on the way to church.  

So I thought the best answer was an interested 'oh.'

But no.  I was not going to be let off the hook that easily.

Two minutes later, the same daughter says in a ha-ha kind of voice:
Mom, do you remember a few weeks ago in big church when Pastor David said teenagers can have babies?  Teenagers can have BABIES?!
That is when I decided it was time for me to really step up to the plate and do what any committed mother would do.

I turned on the radio and said,  Hey, Let's jam!

For-the-love!  I'm not ready for this!


Kim said...

Oh My! I am not ready for those conversations...jam on sister!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

OH. pulled out all the stops on this one. TOO funny! Just send them my way, I have had to have the down and dirty with four of them now (yes, even my 9 year old needed more than Let's Jam since she has the older brothers/cousins). This is the greatest story though. That special time will come and you'll know when it's the right time...but it's coming soon. :)

LOVE YOUR room make over. I recognized your Hobby Lobby find from way back when. It looks beautiful - everything.

AJ said...

Oh my! I so dread those talks. I was just talking about "the talk" with some other moms yesterday. I'm sad that it has to be so soon! Times are changing and they are growing up TOO fast!

Strawberry Blonde said...

We recently had our dog neutered. We've had similar conversations with my 7 year old.
She asked why he needed to have surgery so he couldn't make a girl dog have puppies. My answer, "I'm not ready for this conversation with you yet." Stellar parenting, I tell you. Darn those doggies. I'm not ready, nor is my daughter, to be anywhere near ready for that conversation yet.

-- Brandi

Maricar said...

LOL at you. Radio saves the day.

We have had similar conversations in my car. (What is it about the car that makes the kids get all thought provoking?)

It's making me reminisce, so you'll have to check my blog in the next day or so. I'll have to post my SEX ED conversations ...

Kellie said...

HAHAHA!! We have already had similar conversations and I try my best to answer the questions in an "authoritative" way while inside thinking "AM I OLD ENOUGH TO BE DOING THIS?????" Doesn't matter that I have been married 15 years.. I am just not old enough to handle those types of questions yet. Maybe later... I dread it.

Melissa said...

Hey, I know exactly what you mean. In due time, you can explain it to her. Meanwhile, children's thoughts make for GREAT laughs!

Melissa :D

nikkicrumpet said...

Well as a mom of adult kids...I can tell you it ain't a whole heck of a lot of fun having that conversation lol. I still get squirmy just thinking about it. But it's better than the way my mom did it. She came over a few days after I got home from my honeymoon...and said..."any questions" Sheeesh's a BIT TOO LATE NOW!