September 22, 2008


Several people have asked me for my salsa recipe.  I posted it once in my side bar as "Corey's Salsa".  However, since I change the recipe of the month, it is gone ... forever.  So, I thought I'd post about it, with pictures!  
Let's get started:

Chop 4-5 roma tomatoes.  Seeded or seedless, it's really up to you.
Now we need to add some HEAT baby.  
I usually keep a can of green chilies in the pantry.  One small can is enough ...  add more if you prefer.  OR, to really spice things up, you can add a fresh jalepeno.  Since my daughter loves this stuff, I try to not make it too spicy.  I left out the seeds of the jalepeno for her, but  I prefer the HEAT!
Next you will need a bunch of green onions.  Chop the white and green part.  If you line them up like this, it is much faster:
Oh, and if you don't have green onions on hand, you can use a white/yellow onion diced.  A purple onion really adds some great color.

Next comes my favorite... cilantro!  I LOVE love love this herb.  It is tasty, beautiful, and cheap!
 I usually just cut off the bottom of the stems and then use the rest.  No need to pull the leaves off.  Use it all. It's okay.
Now for some zing!  Zest a lime.  (I love this little zester gadget from Pampered Chef.)  
Then add the juice of the lime as well.
Let's add some flava!  
Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.
3 Tablespoons red wine vinegar 
(or applecider vinegar, whatever)
3 Tablespoons olive oil  
Now the fun part:
You can add WHATEVER else you want!  
Sometimes I add black beans, corn, tomatilla, black olives.  
You are the kingpin at this point.  Whatever suits your fancy.

Add chips and you have a masterpiece!
Serve and be ready to accept all the love and appreciation your family can give.
This salsa ROCKS!!!

*It does not keep well.  Make on the day you plan to serve it.  


Heather @ Home said...

Sounds delish! Can't wait to try it.

AJ said...

Thanks for the recipe. It really looks yummy. I love anything with green chiles! I'm going to try it this week! We like the heat over here too:)

Tricia Anne said...

Oh yum! That looks delicious! I love cilantro too!! I put it in anything I can. :o)
Have a wonderful day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Cherry's Jubilee said...

We love salsa in this I will be trying this. I had a lot of fun today perusing your site and catchin up with ya. Love your tea cart...that was a score. I did the same little metal sayings and framed them ..I did Family. Fun easy art project. Happy Monday. cherry