September 9, 2008

Oh the Shame

Last night, as the girls were laying out their clothes, they both chose fairly casual outfits.  I thought it was actually cute for my Fashion Queen to choose a t-shirt with writing on it.  She is usually so fashion-conscious, that her little 2nd grade wardrobe puts mine to shame.

My other dear daughter doesn't usually concern herself with time-wasters like accessorizing and such.  It's more of a grab-n-go thing.  Unfortunately, it is the end of the season, so most of her 'grab-n-go' items are very worn looking or getting a little small.
When I dropped them off this morning, I smiled again, at my oh-so-casual girlie girls.  A true rarity for one (FQ).  

Before I knew it, it was time to pick them up from school.   As I rounded the curve in carpool line, I noticed the kindergarten class.  Wow.  What a snazzy group today.  They must have had something special going on.  Then I noticed the 5th graders.  Hmm... something is up.  They are all decked-out too.  

And then it hit me.


Oh the shame! For there stood my Fashion Queen in her Mossy Oak couture.  
At least her daddy will be proud of her display of his favorite hunting manufacturer.

Don't get me wrong.  She looked cute as a button in her pink and brown. 
 It's not like I sent her to school in camouflage and a flame-orange hat... give me a little credit.


Jennifer Anderson said...

So funny! I have totally forgotten about school pictures before myself.

Anonymous said...

I was just laughing out loud, b/c I knew what was coming, b/c I have so been there- the year of the 'POWDER KING' shirt or something to that effect. You crack me up. :) Thanks for your help today with Owie. I appreciate you!

Kellie said...

HAHHAHAHHAA!!! School pictures... those are made to look back on when you are older and say "remember when...." lol I have quite a few of those!

The Berry's Patch said...

This is so funny. As we were sitting at dinner tonight my son informed me that today was picture day. Oops! We'll have to do re-takes. :-)

Maricar said...

Oh, that made me laugh. Consider it your "real life" picture set ... I took my kids for pics for St. Patricks Day in jeans and green tshirt (yes, with writing on them!). I wanted a picture of them, right here/right now/this moment. I, of course, thought the casual pics turned out great and I mailed a few out. "Why are they in tshirts? Why are they in jeans? Why are they barefoot?" Uhh, no one else grasped the sentimental moment I had. Oh well.