December 11, 2008

Ornament Traditions

I love traditions: making new and keeping the old. One of our favorite traditions is the pickle ornament. We have this little glass pickle that is the 'piece de la resistance' when decorating the tree. The kids are giddy about bringing out the pickle, because it means a whole season of hide and seek. Why a pickle? It is an old German tradition. Not sure why a pickle, rather than a carrot or an onion. But we like it.

We hide the pickle in various places around the house and the kids try to find it. It starts on the tree and eventually ends up on the tree by Christmas Eve.
Another ornament tradition we have is making our own. Behind my hand in the picture above, you can see the beaded candycane we made a few years ago. Simple and easy for my little crafters. Sliding beads on a pipe cleaner turned out to be lots of fun.
This year we did something a little more involved, since the kids are getting old enough to enjoy it. This was a two-night craft. We created the salt-dough ornaments. They had so much fun mixing, rolling it out and using the cookie cutters. We also made some 3-D snowmen and candycanes. The second evening of fun was painting them. Above is one of the stars. Imagine that, red and white!
Last year we made these candy canes (do you see a pattern here?!) This was SUPER easy. Red and white pipe cleaners. Twist and bend...that's it!
They make great ornaments and present toppers.


Sandy Toes said...

So cute!!! I love the candy the pickle!!! I posted about the "pickle" this week too! So fun!!!
Very festive!
-sandy teos

Tricia Anne said...

Your pickle tradition sounds like so much fun! You are the second blog I have read that shares in that tradition. :o) I had never heard of it before. Your tree is precious. I love the homemade ornaments. Those are my favorites to decorate our tree with!!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Ally0005 said...

We have a pickle, but I hide it in the tree and on Christmas Eve the girls try and find it. The first one that finds it gets and extra gift, my kids love it.

Holly said...

We have made the salt dough ornaments to give as gifts in the past, as well as cinnamon dough.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Devita said...

That's great. It is very good if we could make it ourselves the things we loved. Have a great day!

Karen said...

Thanks for the inspiration.
The children and I will be busy this weekend with some salt dough ornaments. Great idea.

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Wonderful tradition! I have some precious ornaments that my children made too and now that they're big kids it always makes me tear up a bit to see them.

Joanie Butler said...


Just wanted you to know that, "You are a Winner!" Your comment was chosen by the random generator in the "One Cool Christmas Contest" I hosted at my blog. I could not locate an email address for you, so if you could hop back over and send me an email address or just send me your physical address to, I'll get your prize out to you next week.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas! I hope that you'll hop over to my blog from time to time to see what the Lord is up to in my life; it is always an adventure.

Living out loud for Him,