December 18, 2008

The Dreaded Gift

Top 10 Responses to the Dreaded Gift

10. Hey! There's a gift!

9. Well,well,well...

8. Boy, if I had not recently gone down 4 sizes that would've fit.

7. This is perfect for wearing around the basement.

6. Hmm. I hope this never catches fire! It is fire season though. 

There are lots of unexplained fires.

5. If the dog buries it, I'll be furious!

4. I love it--but I fear the jealousy it will inspire.

3. Sadly, tomorrow I enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.

2. To think--I got this the year I vowed to give all my gifts to charity.

1. I really don't deserve this.


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Oh, you're MUCH nicer than I am. I generally say, " What the HELL were you thinking?" : )

Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Here's to hoping for "wanted" gifts this year instead of dreaded ones. I wish I would have had this list last year. I think I just sat there with a blank look on my face. I couldn't even get out a "thank you"

Sandy Toes said...

Hee hee..that is funny! the Federal Witness Protection Program???Oh mY!!!!
Have a great Thursday!
-sandy toes

Kathryn said...

Cute! I've been trying to figure out a way to let you know I am a reader of your blog...just stumbled across your heart for the Lord, your family and your house! :) I'm copying your coaster idea for gifts next year. Keep posting!

Jessica said...

That's about the funniest thing I've heard in a while. I just may have to put a link to this on my blog...gotta share! Thanks for the laugh, it's so true too.

Kellie said...

LOL... that was good. I've recently gotten some gifts where I could say some of these things... and the gifts were NOT from students! ha!!