December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

I know I am late in wishing this, but I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I was just too busy enjoying my family, eating too much comfort food, being thankful, and enjoying a break from the norm to blog, or post, or whatever the correct term is.  Above is a picture of our 'thankful tree' I posted about a few weeks ago.  The kids did a great job with it!

We have some fun traditions around turkey day and I thought I'd share some of them with you.
First, let me say, that my pictures loaded in reverse order (I thought I had mastered Blogger, hah!)  I am much to stuffed and, well, lazy to try to re-load them, so lets take a look, uh, backwards:

Our tradition is to spend Thanksgiving in the mountains of NC with my side of the family.  While it was a wonderful holiday, I will say it was a little sad because my dear brother was not able to come home.  He is serving (all of us) overseas in the military.  We sure missed you, bro, if you're reading this...

One of our favorite places is called The Lump.  Funny name, I know.  No, it is not a scary mass I discovered in the shower.  It is a HUGE grassy knoll on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We always climb it and enjoy running around on the top.  The view is fantastic.  It was veerrry cold up there this weekend, which made it even more invigorating.  Just the 7 of us on the whole mountain.  My mom kept singing, "the hills are alive, with the sound of music, ah-ah-ah-ahhhh."

Backing up, this is crazy, I should have just reloaded the pictures...
Anyhow... The day after Thanksgiving, we search for the perfect:
This year we tried a different choose-n-cut farm.  It was a cute little farm.  We wanted to give the 'small business owner' some good ol' American support; rather than one of the tree-farm giants.  
Up here in the mountains of NC, it is CHRISTMAS TREE COUNTRY.  Several of the most recent White House christmas trees have come from our county.  It is a booming industry here and Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest of the year.  

Side note:  If you are considering purchasing a fakery-bakery tree... DON'T DO IT!!!!
There is nothing like the real thing.  
Moving on, or err, back...
Another tradition we have is a long walk after our big Thanksgiving meal.  We usually walk on the cart path of the golf course.  The views are incredible, and the hills are so fun for the kids. 
And lastly, or firstly, or whatever: the kids love to tumble in the leaves.  We usually have piles and piles that blow down the mountain. 
It is times like these that I want to capture in a bottle and hide away, never to allow time to touch.
And yes, in case you were wondering, we do have 3 children.  She was there, I promise.  She must have been allergic to my camera that day.

This is the conclusion of my very confusing recap.  I am sure publishers will be knocking on my door for this masterpiece of writing/editing skill.  

I DO hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving!


Sandy Toes said...

What beautiful pictures...I just love bright and vibrant..glad you had a great holiday!
-sandy toes

Tricia Anne said...

Good Morning!
What a wonderful time you all had! I know what you mean about capturing the moment and letting time stand still. :o) Please extend our thanks to your brother for serving our country and sacrificing precious family time to protect us all. We appreciate all he does!!
Have a wonderful day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Christy said...

Great pictures and I like the decorating you did here on your blog:)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I can't believe we were up there at the same time. We head to a family Christmas tree farm on Friday...Triple R. They are awesome!!
We weren't downtown on Friday but wouldn't it have been SO fun to meet up. Next year, we will plan to meet up on Friday. We are in Boone from Wed - Friday EVERY SINGLE YEAR! :)
This was the first year we went to the Moses Cone house off the Parkway...have you been there. It's gorgeous!
Oh, and if they load back wards, all you have to do is cut/paste takes only seconds. I do that every time since mine always load backwards.

Sarah said...

I love NC. If we didn't live in TN, that is where we would be. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!I like your blinky thing on the side that says Joy to the World.

Pat said...

Oh My....The Hills ARE alive. Thanks for sharing the beauty and the blessings!!

Erica said...

Cute blog..I came across your blog while looking at blogs. Fun, cute craft ideas. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!


Lacy said...

I really dont think it could get much better. I love your pictures and your writing is stupendous! I understood all of it back to front or bottom to top..whichever! I am so glad yours was great. I bet the hill is even more breathtaking in real life.