February 8, 2009

R is for...

My sweet bloggy friend Lacy tagged me with the letter R.
Here are a few things I RELISH:

I never thought about how much I love red until I realized that I have 
a red cell phone, a red kitchen, a red leather recliner, a red car, a red purse... 
oh, and I love red gerber daisies!

Rothenburg, Germany

Reliable Friends
(Not just the furry version.)



Retail Therapy

Rearranging Furniture


I also love:
restful afternoons
river kayaking
room makeovers
reuben sandwiches
rice pudding
rolling views
riding horses
refreshing people

Need an idea for your blog today?  Consider yourself tagged!
In the spirit of Heart day, we will make the letter H.


Sandy Toes said...

You really captured the letter "R"..reubens and raspberries and rolling views..perfect.
-sandy toe

Tricia Anne said...

What a fun post! :o) My letter was the letter "C" a few days ago! It was fun coming up with what I love that starts with that letter! I enjoyed reading all of your "R" favorites! :o)

Susan S. said...

Great Post....now I have to sit here a minute a think of some "H" things I like....shouldn't be TOO hard! have a great week!

Kellie said...

Hmmm...I'll have to figure that out in my blog. That letter "H" is going to take some thinkin!

I LOVE your gerber daisy picture... hee hee :)

Lacy said...

Love your "R" loves!!! Thanks for playing and what creativity you have!!!