February 3, 2009

Timeless Silhouettes

I love, love, love a silhouette. Especially if it happens to belong to the 3 most darlin children in the world. We really tried to scale back on the Christmas gift $$ this year, so we had to get creative, which turned out to be pretty fun. This was a gift I made for my parents. It was actually very easy!

1. I took a profile shot of each child in the same position, distance and height. The hardest part (aside from trying to keep them from smiling) was keeping 3 pictures equal in distance.
2. Printed each photo onto regular (not photo) paper, in the size I wanted the silhouette to be.
3. Cut the profile out, very carefully.
4. Trace the profile onto black cardstock.
5. Cut the black paper with very good scissors.

My original thought was for these to be Christmas ornaments, so I found some lightweight pressed wood rectangles at the craft store, painted them white, and added tiny eye screws to the top. With a little black sheer ribbon, they were done.
Obviously Mimi loved them too much to put them away with her Christmas decorations.
Hmm... I wish I had made myself a set. Maybe that will be my own mother's day gift.


Karen said...

I love them!! Each one looks JUST like the child...amazing!

Anonymous said...

They look so sweet. For some reason, though, this completely intimidates me. I just need to get over it and try it already. Yours turned out great.

Momofgirls said...

My life has finally slowed down enough to catch up on blogs! I have been wanting to comment about your trip...how wonderful! It looks like you covered a lot of ground, and were able to soo so much! And what a memory with your Mom!

We went to Italy last June, so it was fun to see your pictures of the familiar places in a different season!

Great job posting about your trip, very fun to look at and read!

Sandy Toes said...

Those look wonderful!
-sandy toe

Remodeling Guy said...

Hi! I love the silhouettes! I saw a thing once where they projected them up on the wall and painted an outline...it was pretty cool!

If you send me a picture of that cabinet you're working on, I'll see if I have any ideas? Maybe I will!

Tim @ Remodeling Guy

Alisa said...

Love this idea! What a sweet and thoughtful gift, not to mention very thrifty.:) I hope you don't mind if I try this sometime myself.:)