March 11, 2009

More Decorating with the Everyday

A few weeks ago we talked about using the everyday to decorate.  Just because we are in an economic downward spiral, doesn't mean you can't go shopping!  Shop the house!
Coffee mugs and water pitchers are perfect accessories
I love the detail on this
(World Market, if you were wondering)
My manly mad decided he would add a little decorating of his own... at least he used a cute container!
I found this little 3-legged tray at a thrift market.  I just spray painted it back to life.
It now sits next to my stove top and holds some necessities.
This (awkward angled) picture is from the steps in our garage.  Bug spray and suntan lotion are within reach and oh-so-cute in this wire basket.  The mirror was my manly-man's idea (isn't he adorable to join me in my crazy thrill over accessorizing?!)  The wreath just adds a little flavor of 'welcome' as we pass by it everyday.

What are your favorite ways to decorate with the 'everyday'?


Carpoolqueen said...

I use a charger plate to hold my makeup. I'm not super organized and stuff doesn't make it into a drawer/box/container, but I use the big flat plate to pile everything on top and make it "appear" containerized.

I use water pitchers to hold my utensils and the occasional stray lego...

Tricia Anne said...

You are absolutely right! It is even more fun to rediscover the items we already have! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

C Maisy said...

I love all the ferns you have.
You are toooo cute.
Love everything you did!

Sandy Toes said...

So cute and simple! I love the first's great!
sandy toe

Mom said...

I meant to comment on your cute tray when I was there yesterday! I love the "grouping", practical & pretty.

Linda said...

Love your idea of decorating with what you have...this is needed, especially in these days. Linda

Amy said...

Cute ideas! This is a topic I need to work on, since I can't think of any examples around the house. Let me get back to you. . .

Tomarie said...

I just found your blog and so glad I did! It's so much fun to find ways to decorate from things around the house...especially when you've been looking at them for years and suddenly find a new way to use them! :-) Laura