March 5, 2009

The Wonder of Paint: Part 4

Please excuse me, as I was late to my own party.  Issues, I tell you.  Major issues that I can't even discuss without choking up.  Issues that have something to do with blogger's ability to accept my pictures and my ability to reacquaint myself with the wonderfulness of Mr. Linky (see below)

About 10 years ago this chair was headed to the dump, but my neighbor offered it to me and said, 'maybe you can do some thing with it.'  It was UGLY.  Lightly stained with harvest gold damask fabric.  I tossed some paint on it and recovered the seat for my daughter's bedroom.
It served its purpose for several years.

I decided it was time for the chair to graduate from little girl room status to momma's favorite new chair.  A few coats of black paint (thanks, hubby) and some new fabric was all it took.
When painting furniture, the garage is a nice option; but sometimes a girl just needs to do it in the comfort of her own home.  But then the whole drop cloth thing became annoying.  
Enter: my new favorite painting tool:
A cheap, disposable drop cloth.  Don't worry, I'm not destroying the earth.  I use it several times before throwing it away.  BUT, it is much more convenient than the heavy canvas drop cloth.
See how nicely I can use it in the mudroom to paint this little table.
Repainting furniture is not as time consuming as I first thought.  There are just a few steps to follow.
1. CLEAN the piece with a cloth and some water.
2. SAND any rough spots.  Also sand the piece if it currently has shiny paint.
3. PRIME sometimes.  Not every piece needs it.  If you want it to last a long time or it is going to be in a high traffic area, I suggest priming.
4. PAINT.  Spray or brush, whatever your fancy.  They both have great results.
Kimba has all the answers for giving this chair new life (here).  Actually, she is the go-to person for painting furniture.  She reinvented spray paint.

The Nester has some great suggestions for specific neutral wall colors here.
Okay, she has some amazing suggestions for just about anything having to do with feathering your nest.  

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality shows us how to go from ho-hum to a fabuloso bookcase!  She is one classy lady ... and from the south!  Love her.

NOW it's time for a little Mr. Linky party!!!
If you are new to this, it is very easy.  1.Simply go back to your blog, choose a post to share (about paint, of course) and click on the post title. 2. Go up to to the box where you usually type www. etc and copy the link for that specific post. 3. Come back here and enter your post into the box that says 'URL'.  Give your name in the other box and you are done.

PLEASE LINK BACK to me so others can find the party easily
Thank you for joining the fun ... and being patient as I was late to my own party!
I'm really much more cool in real life.  =)


Carpoolqueen said...

Well, I'm intimidated every.single.time. I read your blog.

Seriously, woman.

Love the black chair and the one it was before. I probably have the original incarnation somewhere in my house. I'm definitely in the "before" stage around here.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Thanks for having this great paint party! I loved your painting tips and enjoyed seeing the changes you made to that darling chair over the years! I'm stealing the drop cloth idea...boy, would that have come in handy for the paint project I've linked to. :-) Thanks again! Susan

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Paint is the cheapest, best trick all we decorator have up our sleeve. I love the new chair.

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Your projects are awesome! Love the "new" black chair too.

I liked your plastic tablecloth idea. I have 5 dogs & discovered paint drop clothes wash up beautifully! Now I just wash, fold & put away in the paint storage area for the next project. Hubby was using the clear plastic type, but I kept walking in the wet paint, I'm kind of a klutz that way...

Great post! ☺ Diane

The Nester said...

great idea--and who cares if you are late! We'll all still be here!

Chloe's Couture said...

I love the black chair! I think black furniture in select pieces make a statement! I like the cheap "dropcloth" idea!!

Anonymous said...

i can attest... she's very cool in real life! :) love you, girl! erin

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Veryyyyyyyyyy cool chair redo...sophisticated!!!!!!!! I will linky up....I did paint my clock rofl. cherry

Treasure Hunter said...

This was my first trip to new every morning, and I like what I see. Thanks for sharing!

Jen r. said...

I am gong to join in! Thanks for hosting! Stop by for my party on the 25th! Jen

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Ok, because you said it would be OK...I linked. Of course, I knew you were having this great party, but since I hadn't "officially" done the painting...hee heee

I guess I could have posted my "shopping the house with a little spray paint" post, but this is fun, too. :) Sorry, I am extra late.

LuLu said...

Just found your blog and loved your chair! looks great and your drop cloth idea is Perfect!!!!

Victoria @ Auction Girl Vintage said...

You came late ... I came even later. Everybody loves a party, so it all works out :o)

Love your black chair. I have a similar one that I bought just a couple weeks ago, for my newly remodeled breakfast room. C'mon by and take a look. I've really enjoyed your paint articles!