June 19, 2010

Perfect Timing

Isn't it nice to get a word of encouragement right when you need it most?

I've been a little unsure lately when it comes to my blog.  In my head I know it's not about the number of comments, but it is.  Sort of.  It's my little moral booster; my cheering section.

Just this week I was stopped by a precious young mom who I didn't even realize was a reader.  She told me that readers are like cockroaches.  For every one commenter, there are a dozen that you don't see.  (Don't take offense to being compared to a cockroach.  It was a total compliment.)  I really wanted to hug her neck.  

Then out of the blue my brother, who has been doing maneuvers in 110 degree weather for the past 3 weeks, sent a text that is one for the make-your-sister-cry category.  It read: 
"Just wanted to let you know that you're a phenomenal blogger.  It's always refreshing to read.  Hope you're having a good weekend."  I don't typically share private text conversations, but that was just too sweet to keep to myself.  Sniff, sniff.

It's funny how the Lord uses people to answer my unspoken questions/doubts.  I was recently trying to decide if I should take the music off my blog, because I know we don't all share the same taste.  The day that I opened my computer to turn off the music, I had an email from a reader who rarely leaves comments, telling me what a blessing the music was to her and that her husband always says, "Is that the blog with the cool music?"  

Things are still pretty tight here at the NEM casa, so I've explored the possibility of using my blog to bring in a little cash flow.  While I only have one (fabulous) advertiser, I am waiting to see what the Lord brings our way.  He gave me a little gift this week.  The wonderful people at CSN contacted me.  If you haven't visited their sites yet, you will be amazed.  They have over 200 stores and everything you could imagine.  Need a new vanity?  They've got it.  Need a fire pit?  They've got it.  Need a dog bed?  They've got it.  Pretty much anything other than fresh pineapple, they've got it.  In a couple of weeks I get the privilege to do a product review; so I'll let you know what I think about their customer service, shipping time and overall quality.  

I say these things not to toot my own horn.  The opposite, rather.  I am humbled by the gift you give me by reading (and commenting on) my blog.  Your words of encouragement always come at the right time.    I love to write, laugh, and encourage.  I want you to know that your words mean so much to me.  


anthonyandbeth said...

well, i guess i'm one of the cockroaches. :) i love your blog and look forward to new posts! i'm always thankful for your ability to speak the truth in a loving and even humorous way at times. :) i don't always make the time to comment on blogs but i'm a faithful reader and i'm glad you are a blogger!

L~ @prim4Him said...

There, I said it, ahhh I feel better! I'm so bad in fact that I don't even expect peeps to leave ME any on MY blog! :(

I constantly wonder (courtesy of the enemy)whether I am TOTALLY wasting my time w/blogging-Seriously, why would anyone tune in here, I AM B-O-R-I-N-G! :)
THEN...someone comments & leaves me an affirming comment & i'm all in again! :)

So, I must apologize for not stopping by more often to say, YOUR BLOG ROCKS & SO DO YOU! :)


ashley said...

Your blog is one of my absolute favorites!!! I know what you mean about the comments, though. The cockroach thing is pretty encouraging for us bloggers out here. :) Please keep doing what you are doing! You are great!

the bennetts said...

It is true- there are so many people who read/stalk blogs and never comment. I'm a silent stalker most of the time and know of several other people who read your blog. One of my friends constantly tells other people about your blog with "blog talk" comes up in conversations. Don't stop writing- you are so encouraging, witty and honest. You take fabulous pictures, too.

Your blog has just the right amount of everything- from humorous personal stories, to renovations on your home and "steals" when it comes to fixing it up, and encouragement for the rest of us in this crazy world. I like to think I come to your blog as a safe haven... I can laugh, be inspired, and be reminded of God's grace every time I come read.

Keep up the good work! (And next time, hug my neck :)

wendy said...

I check in on your blog all the time, yet rarely leave you any comments. I sometimes wonder the same thing, is it worth it? Because I don't get a lot of comments either. But then I know it is - if for no one else than myself.

Just a thought about the music (which I recently discovered not too long ago). . .you can set the player to come on automatically when someone hits your blog, or you can set it so they have to manually turn it on. I didn't want to get rid of my music, and had several people tell me not to, but it was slowing the loading of pictures and stuff every time I tried to get on my blog. The manual button has been great for me.

Kellie said...

I understand. I think I have mostly cockroaches that read my blog. lol I am thankful for how the Lord answers our needs before we even speak them. He is so good. :)

Amber said...


And love that you were able to verbalize it. I hate feeling driven by comments and such...but I guess it's just a human reaction.

I heart you, friend.

Lori H said...

I am one of those cockroaches! But seriously, you have to know what an amazing gift you have in writing! The Lord uses you through your words to bless so many people! I love reading your blog and it always encourages me!!! Love how your personality and sense of humor and godliness shines through! Don't stop! :)

Carrie said...

Call me a cockroach too! lol.

I don't get to leave a lot of comments. I read in a reader so that I CAN read blogs! Otherwise, I'd open about 8000 websites a day at work and would get myself in a whole lot of trouble.

I know what you mean. Sometimes you feel like you pour your heart into something and then...no comments. But have a giveaway and BAM, comments.

I remind myself why I do it. Because, for me, it's the journal I never had. It's a way to document our lives and my thoughts. And if someone else reads it and maybe enjoys it, that makes me SO happy. I love blogging, even when I do it in sporadic patches. I'm not a professional blogger, a full-time blogger or even a pseudo-great blogger. But its made me happier.

Your writing is wonderful and don't give it up. :) Do it for you. If you're doing it for someone or something else, it'll never fulfill you.

(and my Hubs tells me that it tells HIM what I'M thinking! lol

The Robinsons said...

I just have to tell you that I read your blog like every day and have never commented. What's funny is that 2 of my best friends left comments above as well, I guess we are all cockroaches!

I go to your church and see you in the hall sometimes and want to just come tell you I totally stalk your blog but get nervous, maybe next time I see you I will say hello :)

I just love your blog and I agree with the girls above, you have such a great balance of content and it is so encouraging. I have to tell you, you did a post several weeks ago about some of the frustrations of being a young mom and I think about that wisdom you shared all the time. I have 2 under 2 (the second just born last week) and there are some major adjustments going on in our home and your encouragement really stuck in my brain.
Keep up the good work! :)

Monica said...

I NEVER leave a comment, but I try and check your blog often. I love your stories, pictures and helpful info; it is always encouraging to me. Thanks!

Jenn A said...

I meant to comment sooner, but got interrupted by the baby and am just now getting back to it. I read your blog regularly and always enjoy it. Please keep writing!

Angie said...

Another cockroach chiming in! Your blog is wonderful! I read it through a reader, and sometimes I'm just too lazy to comment. There. I said it. But not because I don't LOVE what you have to say. You're an excellent writer with great insight, humor and encouragement. Please keep it up - I'm a fan! :)

I'm in a blogging lull right now, and need to get my blogging mojo back! Isn't it fun?

Dawn said...

i have gone through seasons like that about my own blog... especially the music factor! i think i ahve lost readers because of it... but then there are other true blue blog friends who let me know how inspired they are by it. and it inspires me. and then... i remember who i write for. me. to remember, to process, to sing His praises. keep on...