October 11, 2010

My Take on TV this Week

1. I need to mark Nevada off my list of places to visit. According to Fatal Attractions on the Animal Planet channel, this is a hot spot for tiger owners to take their beasts out for a walk.

2. The making of matches is much more involved than I ever imagined. I am amazed that they are so inexpensive. I now have the Doors' version of Come On Baby Light My Fiya in my head. Now you do too. You're welcome.

3. Why did I pause at The World's Fattest Man the other day? Why oh why would he agree to be filmed in his diaper? I couldn't handle it for more than 3.2 minutes.

4. Why am I disgustingly intrigued by Hoarders? Are there really this many Americans living in filth and with the need to purchase?

5. Probably my most burning question: Are there REALLY that many women who are Pregnant and Don't Know It to make an entire season of shows? Really?! They didn't know it?

6. While we're asking questions, how many different wedding planning/disaster shows are currently playing this season? I haven't found a single one that has drawn me in. Unlike gluttons and hoarders.

7. Other than having 19 (or is it 20 now?) Kids and Counting, I want to be like Michelle Duggar when I grow up. She defines patience and has the sweetest demeanor.

8. Anyone else notice how many "paranormal" shows are currently running? Weird. Nuf said.

9. I used to love HGTV because of the fun decorating ideas and design concepts. Now it needs to be called SHTV ~~ Selling Houses TV Grrrr.....

10. Since the Food Network seems to be going down the competition street, I am so glad that the Cooking Channel (fomerly Fine Living Network) is sticking to what we want to learn more about: FOOD

What's your take on tv lately?


Tracey said...

I was mesmerized by 'hoarders' while on vacation. Could.not.look.away.

There's no cable around here..so my take on TV is simple...thank goodness for streaming Netflix! Hubby and I watch one episode of 24 every night. For some reason, around the 10 o'clock hour, I have this need to see someone get shot.

Thanks for the fun post!

The Robinsons said...

I whole-heartedly agree with you!

My friends make fun of me because I love love love Michelle Duggar.

If I was an inventor I would invent a new program where you could have TV ratings for commercials...nothing like sitting down with your hubby and watching a wholesome show but the commercials are scandalous. I know commercials are a necessary evil, but wouldn't it be cool if you could pick the rating of the commercials for family friendliness?
OK, off my soap box now :)

Joy for the Seasons said...

#4 There are really that many people that need Jesus and are filling their voids and covering their sins and pain in this way among others.

Richella said...

Amazing how channel surfing can leave you feeling shocked and disgusted, isn't it? Is that what it takes to get our attention now? Shock and disgust?

What IS the deal with HGTV? I'm afraid I just don't get it.

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather. I keep pinching myself, wondering if we could really have had this many gorgeous days in a row!

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

I am quite intrigued by Hoarders also. I get really grossed out but still can't stop watching.

HGTV disappoints me too. I used to watch that channel a lot but now I rarely do.

Alisa said...

Reading your blog really makes me miss you, my friend!:) You make me giggle! I've been very interested in the program "Undercover Boss". Ever seen it. Fascinating....

Playing Sublimely said...

I always love hearing from you, thank you for taking the time to write...

Kellie said...

I watch hoarders when I want inspiration to clean my house.

I agree with you, I enjoy the Duggars because they are true to their convictions and she seems so wise.

I hope I never end up on I never knew I was pregnant.

The only other show I watch when given the opportunity is toddlers and tiaras, only because it's like a train wreck.

O Mom said...

I think I agree with all your takes, except that hoarders show....I tried to watch it once and just felt way to disturbed to keep watching.

Bobbie said...

We could be neighbors sitting on the couch together because we watch the same things and agree! HGTV... what happened? Love the food channel. I think we would all be shocked- SHOCKED- to see just how many hoaders with filthy houses we really know! Its really sad, but I cant stop watching it and it makes me want to clean my house every time.

Amy said...

Thank you for solving the mystery of why I couldn't find Fine Living on my tv anymore. I prefer fine living to cooking any day, though.

Also, Pregnant and Didn't Know It - yeah, right! The human being moving around inside my body would tip me off, even if the earlier symptoms slipped by unnoticed.

Kellie said...

Did I mention to you earlier that pretty much SPORTS is on my TV most of the time? Just checkin'... hee hee....

We get into those reality shows like Biggest Loser where I eat my huge bowl of icecream while watching these people go through the ringer to lose weight. I always feel guilty. ALWAYS.

Sandy M. (neweveryam's mom) said...

I really like the few episodes of "Undercover Boss" that I've seen (keep forgetting when it is on, even to DVR it).

I also liked that show "I Get That A Lot", but I think it was short-lived (at least I haven't seen it on lately).

And I SO agree about HGTV! Why can't they go back to more decorating shows?!

I liked "Hoarders" but it seems to be getting worse (if that's possible), & sometimes I just can't watch it.

I can't watch the "I'm PG..." because there's NO WAY that many women could NOT know!

I like "NICU", but I don't imagine you do...

Sarah said...

Agreed on the HGTV. Although, I am quite fond of Sarah's House these days.
I've actually considered getting rid of cable because it hardly seems worth the cost for the occasional football game we watch on ESPN. My husband does not agree with me on this one, but I'm working with him :)
I find myself more and more disgusted with what is on t.v. this year. It just seems like there is no sensor on any of it. Granted, I have watched my fair share of reality t.v. But, I've decided I'd rather spend that 30 minutes these days catching up with an old friend. I think I've had enough of The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, etc.
Oh, but I could never get enough of Candice Olson's Divine Design...if only I could just buy that one show and scrap the other channels! :)

Christine said...

I enjoy Michelle Duggar but I am afraid that isn't reality either, they are a family just like us & have issues with their children like we do. I do appreciate the fact she is a godly woman & is so kind but God didn't make me like her but He is helping me be the mom He created me to be!

We just shut off our satellite because there was nothing good on. We have better things to invest our time & money in than trash. We are switching over to Netflix as well. Love your blog!