October 21, 2010

Fall Break

 Here in the lowlands it's still as green as the river in Chicago on St. Patty's day, so what a nice surprise awaited us in the mountains: peak week for fall foliage 
We took full advantage of it and spent as much time outdoors as possible.  
 Lots of walks and hikes...

 A fun corn maze


 Making memories...

 More hiking, which led to incredibly sore thighs beautiful views.

The kids and I enjoyed our break from school while my sweet man sacrificed and stayed home to work so that we could eat  play relax.

We've spent the second half of our break catching up on laundry, playing, and enjoying no lesson plans each other.  I'm also catching up on things that just get pushed to the side, like cleaning out my freezer and washing all my kitchen cabinets.

Our weekend will be filled with a birthday party for our little man, a baseball game, and having 85 people from our Life Class group at our house for a picnic and bonfire in the backyard.  Whew! :)
Even though I enjoy my quiet days, I love opening our home to others for a bunch o' fun!


Karen said...

Gretchen, looks like a wonderful fall break! I am so glad to hear of someone who loves to share their home with others. This seems to be something that is being lost in these days. Might be the gift of Hospitality? :)

Carpool Queen said...

We're looking forward to being there. My kids may go skip dinner and go straight to s'mores.

Mom said...

85??????? When did our class grow so much?
We sure will miss being there & hope you have a great time!!!
Love you!!!!

Kellie said...

Sounds like you had a blast. :) Enjoy your time with you little man and your church class get together. :)

Sarah said...

Gosh, this makes me want to make a little getaway to NC! Beautiful! God is an amazing artist, huh?

Amber said...

Oh, G...amazing.

So envious of all that gorgeous color!! Arkansas has been so dry that it everything is just brown and ugly. Blech.

And could your kiddos be anymore adorable? I think not.